fatgirlgone's Journal, 30 June 2013

I am writing a journal today because I am a little upset with my self Friday after my hard work I ate pizza and Saturday I ate Chinese and Mexican and 2 donuts and today I had McDonald 10 piece chicken nuggets and fries and a coke....I know that my cravings are crazy but I will stop it and my work this week will be hardcore and I can't cheat next weekend


'If error is corrected whenever it is recognized as such, the path of error is the path of truth." - Hans Reichenbach A bad weekend can really frustrate you huh? :( Can relate. That's why there's the support on fatsecret. Let's work hard together with everyone. :) 
01 Jul 13 by member: AnneRegalia
thats true...i dont really get that much support on here but only from a few people...but thats becasue i dont have that many friend on here lol...but thanks for your support :) 
01 Jul 13 by member: fatgirlgone
I found by eating whatever and not exercising during the weekend just maintains weight (better than gaining) if you're working out and eating right through the week... If youre not working out or eating right at all - weight gain! So if your serious about losing weight - make it a priority to do good on the weekend, saying no to temptations, and getting some exercise in. Reward yourself for making it at least one day over the weekend. (but don't reward yourself with food lol) next try for two days, then three, then two weekends in a row... a month... 3 months. [Im going to take my own advice here too - it's good :)] And try not to be hard on yourself... (if you are anything like me) because this is a process - a work in progress. 
01 Jul 13 by member: KayseaLove
i know kaysea but i have to be hard on my self i feel...it's like i am the only person that can motivated me becasue for some reason no one else can do that lol...i never wanted to loose weight so bad as much as i do now...i can feel it and i know it is good to cheat on your diet sometimes because if not you will really do bad when you hit ur goal and your right i didnt gain nor did i loose lol...but you have truly been very helpful to me and thats one reason i love this website becasue atleast one person talks to me and is nice about it  
01 Jul 13 by member: fatgirlgone
I am the same way and I have made almost every mistake along the way that can be made... and I am glad because I have learned and become that much better at reaching my goals. I also know having a cheat day for me turns into a cheat weekend and sometimes a cheat week... and the next thing I know is if I don't stick with my goals and do what I have learned works best for me (logging food and exercise) I will be off the diet/lifestyle and gaining weight putting myself right back where I was when I weighed so much I was miserable and needed to do something or else. Give yourself some credit girl! You are here and you are learning, you are exercising... you seem like a determined person!! Pat yourself on the back. You might not be where you want to be right at this moment but you are taking the right steps to get there. We will both get there! ...and we will have a lot of fun being buddies along the way too!!  
01 Jul 13 by member: KayseaLove
that just made my day reading this...you make me smile and i appreciate that 100% sometimes i need a strong person to pull me up when i am down...i know we will get there i just never want to see 230 pounds on that scale again that scared me to death when i heard i had diabetes and i was off the charts on the BMI calculator..it hurt my heart so bad i wasn't even happy at my own wedding..but i thank you all for your support. we can only go up from here 
01 Jul 13 by member: fatgirlgone
I'm so sorry you weren't happy at your wedding :( Suddenly finding out that information can be traumatic and devastating. The good news is both Diabetes and high BMI can be managed and improved with awareness, education, diet, and exercise. Find what motivates you to keep going (health can be the biggest motivator) I read success stories of other people, picturing my after moment, and sometimes just knowing there is an online community of people helping other people along the way (this site and many others) knowing as I'm working out - so many other people are too. Sometimes finding out why you overeat can be helpful in stopping it. I was turning to food for comfort and to celebrate. I still associate food (lots of it) with gatherings of friends and family. Most recently I have observed I overeat unhealthy food out of boredom. *sigh... So I am coming up with alternatives for when I am in certain situations again so I won't fall into overeating. It's the situations I can't predict that I haven't been in that get the best of me... but any other situation I have already encountered I have a plan for. Why do you think you overeat?  
01 Jul 13 by member: KayseaLove
Also... if you are starting meal replacement shakes... the first week(s) can be a little tough when your body is adjusting to giving up solid foods while your stomach shrinks... pretty soon you'll notice your appetite will shrink and smaller amounts of food will fill you up quicker. 
01 Jul 13 by member: KayseaLove
yes i have been doing the slim fast meal replacements and they are very good..i love it i notice i don't eat as much though i do get fuller quicker but this week alone i want to be 190.0 or close to it just i wanna be able to drop the weight and feel my self getting closer to 150.0 even if i get to 170.0 by my bday i will be happy and thats in sept 23 and even better for my wedding anniversary sept 29 lol....i had to postpone my boudoir pictures becasue my body is not ready and i am still doing the bet with my family to see who lost the most weight... 
01 Jul 13 by member: fatgirlgone
i am also on another website to loose weight and thats teambeachbody have you heard of that just seeing how big people use to be and how they look now is like a mouth drop for me.. 
01 Jul 13 by member: fatgirlgone
Yes! I've seen the teambeachbody success stories! *Impressive 
01 Jul 13 by member: KayseaLove
do you have a account there 
01 Jul 13 by member: fatgirlgone
I do now - I just up a free account. 
01 Jul 13 by member: KayseaLove
ook cool what is your username we can be friends 
02 Jul 13 by member: fatgirlgone
KayseaLove - same as on here... 
03 Jul 13 by member: KayseaLove
ok i will look you up :) 
03 Jul 13 by member: fatgirlgone
Let me know if you found me - I didn't fill out my profile or anything. I was overwhelmed by the wealth of health information available... overwhelmed in a good way :D 
03 Jul 13 by member: KayseaLove
i found you....who is your coach on there Mirna Silva is mine and she is the best 
03 Jul 13 by member: fatgirlgone
I don't have a coach yet... I will check yours out.  
03 Jul 13 by member: KayseaLove


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