DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 03 May 2013

I want to eat. I want to eat alot. I want a the giant bag of multi grain tortillas that are currently sitting on the counter at home. I want to eat the entire bag. I want candy. I want mcdonalds. I want cold pizza for breakfast. I want a king sized peanut butter twix. Heck I want 2! But.. I'm resisting because I think maybe the scale could be down but I'm not sure because I can't get on it and I know that if I do start eating I won't stop and I will gain 5 lbs. But I don't know where I'm at! Am I in the 150's the 140's? No clue. Why do I want to eat? It could be two things...

First reason.. yesterday I walked twice, shoveled 3 tons of saw dust from a dump wagon, did my normal barn chores, cleaned house, and chased kids. Maybe the extra walking and shoveling is making me think I need something to eat to replace those calories. I know when I workout and I start to lose I crave more because my body is trying to hold onto the weight. When I feel like I want to eat the box the cookies came in as well as the cookies then I drop in weight. This could be a good thing.

Second reason... The 9 yr old has become a teenager. Usually we leave at the same time. I leave out the back door, she leaves out the front door and by the time I get lil man wrestled into the car the bus is pulling away. This morning? I was running a lil late so I was watching her walk out the door. She went to her room the first time for her water bottle, the second time for a paper that was in her hand.. I was suspicious the second time but I didn't have time to investigate so I told her to get her butt out the door then I went out the back door. I could have sworn I heard her open the front door and go out. She missed the bus. Apparently she thought she left something in her room, again. Seriously? Do I look that stupid? Did she actually leave out the front door then walk back in the second she heard me go out the back? After a 10 minute rant trying to get the trush she says she wanted to take the heels I gave her for dressup to show her friends. I don't buy it. I already had to yell at her twice to change her clothes because she's all leg and those shorts weren't going out of the house. Then she wanted to wear the same shirt she wore last night. Um. gross. No. Smacks head.. It's starting!!!!!! Make it stop!! Needless to say.. I was cursing up a storm, running 20 minutes behind, and the little man's next words could be questionable.

So.. it's only 9am and breakfast is gone. Getting the shell off a hard boiled egg when you're driving gets interesting when it's stop and go. My boss caught me coming in 15 minutes late. The sitter has asked if I could be a lil early picking up lil man. Employee of the year right here! Hubby is out in the field from chore time to chore time trying to get corn in the ground. Do I dare ask him to take at least a half hour off to go get his son? Then hear about everything he could have gotten done in that half hour... eh.. I'll decide later. Maybe if I send a text with the request and a pic of my boobs I will have better results.

There is good news that's still kinda bad news. I was going through capris an amazing woman gave to me looking for something to wear today. I was really looking forward to wearing one pair but I put them on.. and they fell off. They're too big! But I really wanted to wear them.. so I'm keeping them up with a belt. I need to go through the rest this weekend. I never thought I would wear capris. Whenever I put them on at my heaviest my calves and thighs looked massive. Now? Not so much. Yay!

Diet Calendar Entry for 03 May 2013:
1463 kcal Fat: 52.34g | Prot: 77.82g | Carb: 156.00g.   Breakfast: Coffee (Brewed From Grounds) , Fat Free French Vanilla Creamer, Large Grade A Eggs (Hard Boiled), Strawberry Greek Yogurt. Lunch: Baby Spring Mix, Fully Cooked Crispy Chicken Strips, Kens Lite Creamy Parmesan with Cracked Peppercorn Dressing, Baby-cut California Carrots. Dinner: Apples, Crispy Chicken Strips. Snacks/Other: Pop Secret 94% Fat Free Microwave Butter Popcorn, Salsa (Medium), tostitos multi grain scoops. more...
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Your 9 year old sounds EXACTLY like mine!!! Glad to know I'm not alone in that battle :)  
03 May 13 by member: Adrienne54
What a morning!!!! And I think the boob shot will work, it works for me!  
03 May 13 by member: Rubie-sue
I'm ready for school to be out so we don't have morning battles anymore. They've gotten much better, but. . .why the battle over clothes, shoes, wear a coat?!?!? Mine is 7. . .and a boy. Girl starts school next year, I might be crazy next school year! Awesome on the capris! Its so nice to be comfortable in things we thought we'd never wear. 2 summers ago I got down with 5 pounds of my goal weight and I always wanted bermuda length shorts,but never liked how they looked. I finally liked how they looked then. Because I'm short I always felt they made me look short and wide until my hips/thighs were smaller then not so much. That's my goal this summer to get back in those shorts! 
03 May 13 by member: skirch97
That's exactly what I felt like in capris! Same thing with skirts and now I'm eyeballing those too. It's amazing what you suddenly find you can wear when you lose a lil weight. 
03 May 13 by member: DairyFarmersWife
I love capris! But I love my legs from mid-thigh down. shorty shorts don't work with all this chub rub up high.  
03 May 13 by member: JessWhatINeeded
When my 32 yr old boy was 11 he would lay in the grass like he was dead when the bus would pull up then jump up just as she would pull away because she actually knew he wasn't dead. duh. I got called from school at least once a week for really stupid stuff he did or didn't do. He barely made it through high school much less college but he is now the smartest man I know and makes more $$ than me. Go figure - maybe he was just bored. I once told a therapist that this 11 yr old needed therapy and the therapist told me "no it is you that needs it because you will never change him". :) So cool that you have new capris legs! You have earned them. 
03 May 13 by member: Neptunebch
Ahhh, girls. I have a 14 year old daughter who gives hell every single morning. Not enough time in the world for her to shower, get dressed, fix hair (which is down to her butt), put make-up on, and brush teeth. My stress level is through the roof every morning. My two boys, ages 15 and 10, quietly wait in the car, while we battle it out every morning. I am counting down the days till summer! 14 school days left! 
03 May 13 by member: jordanlogan321
Neptune I'm already pretty sure I need therapy.. this could be the one that sends me into a padded room. Jordan.. I'm scared now. She's already begging to straighten her hair every morning. Crap. 
03 May 13 by member: DairyFarmersWife
Sorry you are hungry. But great job on being able to wear capris. I am sure you feel awesome especially since they are too big! Sorry your daughter is being such a pain, no suggestions here, I am just so grateful to be 'old' and not have to deal with that crap any more. My only child, daughter, is now almost 30. Smiles here :) 
03 May 13 by member: sarahsmum
Love it! Thanks for making me smile!! Sigh for you about the girl...it's going to be a tough one. As for the hubby, definitely send him the boob shot...always works!!! Congrats on the capris, you worked hard and should be able to enjoy wearing capris now! Stay strong girl...step away from the candy and all the things you crave...it's just your mind playing with you! Get out there at lunchtime and go for a walk again! Enjoy the great weather!! 
03 May 13 by member: aggie95
My daughter is 11 and she has gone through the same things. She would wear shorts year round if we'd let her. Right now she's going through a phase and all she wants are basketball shorts, which are long, so that's okay with me. We're going shopping this weekend to get her some summer gear. Resist the eating! You are doing well and hopefully the cravings are from losing, and they should go away if you stay at the same weight or keep losing. Good luck!! 
03 May 13 by member: mars2kids
No my dear, what you have is a Pre-Nager. They're like teenagers but without the hormone surges and boyfriends. 
03 May 13 by member: CollyMP
OMG.. hormones and boyfriends? No. Just no. I've refused to let her have boyfriends until she's 25. Ever seen the duck dynasty episode where phil and miss kay go on a date with the two kids? That's going to be me. No dating.. unless I go with. I don't care if this sounds like denial. No dating! 
03 May 13 by member: DairyFarmersWife
ok first... Keep looking! And if they are all too big let me know because if I didn't give you the 8s that means I still have them and I'll find them for ya! I LIVE in my capri's! And if you found the cargo looking ones those are the ones I have bought in every size including this year in 4s (I have a pair on now lol). As for the Pre-nager.... it's only the beginning! Ry's isn't even 12 yet and is in full gross boy, distracted, etc mode! Have a call from the Evil ELA teacher that isn't so evil. I have to remind him to use soap in the shower, will try to put on the old underwear, and yes like her tries to wear the shirt he wore to bed. At least she's not as smelly! My god that boy stinks! I have to remind him to put on deoderant constantly and even with it the ride home after a night of sparing at karate is unbearable! Just keep going. I tell huim he won't try anything I didn't so I know the game and he WILL GET CAUGHT but he still tries lol. You were late? bummer! What the hell is it with the last week or so? You need to come to the house with the kids soon or I'm coming to visit! 
03 May 13 by member: thynes
OH gawd, the "after martial arts" stench! I have the A/C going full blast AND the windows open after I pick up the offspring from Kung Fu! Why do teenage boys smell like goats?!?! WHY!?!!  
03 May 13 by member: CollyMP
Ditto to sarahsmum. My boys are 28 & 29. The 29 yr old turns 30 next month! However, I have two grand-daughters 10 & 7. The 10 year old's legs are getting too long! And after keeping all three grandkids this weekend I swore I saw a little bit of pms from the 10 yr old. DFW, congrats on the capris! Sounds like you need to do some shopping for that new figure! Definitely send the boob pic to hubs! 
03 May 13 by member: BeckyBaby65
CollyMP - I swear I have come across NOTHING like it since being a cheerleader and having to ride a bus back with the boys after a game lol! Thank god it's been nice enough lately to have the window open and it's only a 7 min drive home tops lol! And I second Becky go for the boob pic lol 
03 May 13 by member: thynes
Yep.. and so it begins. You are now destined to spend the next decade trying to smarter and faster than the 9 year old; not an easy task as it requires remembering the stunts you probably pulled at that age and knowing they are so much more advanced thanks to HBO and smart phones. My step daughter was convinced I was psychic because I knew her tell when she lied. She's 38 this year and I have YET to tell her what it is; I'll tell you - maybe your 9 y.o. has one. My step daughter would ( and still does ) LISP when she lies. Her father didn't believe me but he'd raised her and was too close to see it. Me, the evil Step Monster, picked up on it in a flash. Whenever she started sounding like Sylvester the Cat it was time to assess and regroup. Good luck! 
03 May 13 by member: FullaBella
Boys smell like goats? By the time the 9 yr old gets done with all the nail polish, hair spray, and perfume I should have lost my sense of smell by the time the little man starts to smell more than his diapers already do. Thynes I peaked a lil bit ago and it turns out I grabbed the 14s. No wonder they don't fit. lol But yes they're the cargo ones. I still have some 10's and smaller that I put in the upstairs bedroom that I need to get out. I'm sure I will be getting into them this weekend. We should get together though! Bowling season is done so now my Tuesday nights and Friday nights are spent in a barn. I think I'm going to tell hubby I need one day off a week. Farming is his job. I'm only part time. I already have a full time job and a house and kids.  
03 May 13 by member: DairyFarmersWife
Even just a couple a month to get a little you time! I know farming is a job and a half but you are doing FT, PT and most of the kids so yes you need a break here and there. And those speci capris run big and you should have the 10s. I'll look this weekend... I know I have a few more things for you I put aside including that skirt! I would take the smell of the over done girlie stuff (remember I was raising Ry's half sister at that age till 12)over preteen boy BO anytime! 
03 May 13 by member: thynes


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