jetgemini's Journal, 23 March 2013

This post has nothing to do with my on going battle to lose weight so this is my journal and i need to post it. On march11 early in the morning I took my big sweet fluffy dog Murphy to the store with me. He loves to go anywhere with me. It was a nice cool morning in Lake Elsinore CA and off we went. I left him in the back seat wearing his collar tags and his leash while I ran into the 99 cent store to buy him some doggy wipes. Ten minutes later I came out to find him gone . I searched the entire mall parking lot calling and calling . . .no Murphy. I panic and run back into the store to ask if they saw him and the cashier says yep he came in the store but a lady took him back out. I have to say I have left no stone unturned in my search the surveillance tape shown to the police shows a full front picture of a woman taking a reluctant Murphy out of the store. They believe he is stolen by a white woman in her forties. Murphy has been my constant companion since my husband passed . He kept my husband company during the last year of his life while I was working and kept me from going crazy when he died. He has traveled thousands of miles with me and loves his family even grandchildren who are very young and squeeze too hard sometimes. Even though he is a great big dog he is gentle and careful around old people and babies. I only hope and pray he is being treated well and will somehow find a way home to me.
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Oh my...I wish I could give you a big hug. My heart aches for you. You and Murphy are in my prayers. I hope that you find him. Blessings, my friend. 
23 Mar 13 by member: Sherillynn
My heart is breaking for you and I pray he is returned to you. The woman that took him .... what on earth was she thinking? Call all the local vets and put them on the alert as well as all the animal shelters. Place an ad in the paper and call the local radio stations. You will find him. God Bless. 
23 Mar 13 by member: Mom2Boxers
My fried had this happen to her also, many years ago. It's the reason why I always lock my dog inside the car when I go in a store. I can't imagine the pain you must be big ol' dog is my best friend, as well. I agree with what Mom2Boxers said, but I'd call TV stations, too. Many have a team that focuses on human interest stories and would love to help--especially if you explain that Murphy was extra special because of your husband. Please keep us updated! 
23 Mar 13 by member: RavenSoul69
Thank you so much ladies I will never give up searching. He is all over my Facebook,Craigs list, Animal friends of the Valley. I used to lock my car religiously but a guy broke the lock with a screwdriver and it cost 140. to fix it. Since I am on a fixed income that is a problem but I feel terribly guilty and feel like I should have locked it anyway. I have to answer that question every day and I could cry I feel so bad.I will sign in everyday because I have gained a lot of stress weight since this happened and I have to keep my blood pressure under control.I will post some pics of Murphy 
23 Mar 13 by member: jetgemini
Oh, hon, it was NEVER my intention to make you feel badly! I only mentioned it regarding my friend's experience! This is NOT YOUR FAULT in any way! I'm truly sorry if I made you hurt more than you already are... I saw a pic of him on your profile from back in August, he's adorable. Hang in there, and again I'm sorry! 
23 Mar 13 by member: RavenSoul69
omg! Your loss is our loss!! Will keep you and Murphy in my thoughts and prayers. 
23 Mar 13 by member: kclab
This is so sad.Where I live in NC, it get's over 103-105 in the summer and alot of people leave their dogs in cars and some barely crack a window! I know most people keep the air on and lock their doors.You can't stop a criminal,if they want it they will take it somehow! I feel for this lady and who knows, someone soneday will see Murphy and I bet he will get back to your arms again! 
23 Mar 13 by member: yankgal46
I hope and pray and than you for the caring post I will have to go home to South Carolina eventually It has been very cool in Southern California this winter so he was not left in a hot car never ever.  
23 Mar 13 by member: jetgemini
I beleive you wouldn't have done that! I can't beleive that dumb__ that freakin had the nerve to actually steal your dog. People can be so cruel. 
23 Mar 13 by member: yankgal46
believe is the correct spelling.Sorry! 
23 Mar 13 by member: yankgal46
My heart breaks for you, I can't even imagine what I would do if I lost either one of my dogs. I like that idea of getting it on the local news. That ways someone might see him and get in touch with you. I hope you find him.  
23 Mar 13 by member: fatoldlady
Just want to thank everyone of you sweet folks that are pulling for Murphy to come home. That means a lot to me. It is hard to explain how much it helps. I am going to try and tell someone in the news next week.  
24 Mar 13 by member: jetgemini
Oh no I really feel for you, I hope you find him soon x  
24 Mar 13 by member: shaz7140
I'm so sorry, I hope you find him soon. Is he microchipped? Check regularly with your local animal shelters to see if he turns up there. I volunteer at a shelter and was able to help reunite a friend with her lost dog when I saw he was there.  
24 Mar 13 by member: gone2thek9s
Hi just updating on Murphy. He is microchipped and also the police are watching for him because he was stolen not lost. This would normally not be a case for them but because she brazenly took him and the have proof of it on the surveillance tape they will charge her with theft if they catch her. Today my friend and I were at a store and when we came out there was a beautiful Dalmatian standing by the door all by himself. I marched right back in and yelled for who ever owns the dog outside to come up front and here comes a guy who probably thought I was crazy until I told him what happened to Murphy . He had me take his phone number down because he wants to help find him. I am amazed at how kind people have been. I also know it will be much harder to find my Murphy because he is being concealed. She won' t have him for long because he is smart and will run away the first chance he gets. I will never give up and I am going to the newspaper tomorrow. Thank you all for the kind words and prayers. 
25 Mar 13 by member: jetgemini
I figured you had probably covered all your bases, but I wanted to add my thoughts. I do hope you are able to find him and bring him home safely! 
25 Mar 13 by member: gone2thek9s
Thanks gone2 and everyone I am praying for him with all the support and positive energy something good must happen. Diet wise I was very good today and stayed at about 20 carbs.Hope you are all doing well. 
26 Mar 13 by member: jetgemini


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