FullaBella's Journal, 08 March 2013

Well, after all the Bella & the Brick Mason drama in my journal this morning this journal will likely pale in comparison but I had my 90 day checkup this morning. This was to review the results of the $250 of lab work I had done last week.

In the whole 47 seconds she was in the room with me, Doc said 'all the too low is up, the too high is down (cholesterol) and the blood sugar is even lower than last time and your kidneys are perfect. Whatever you're doing, keep it up, it's working. See you in 90 days.'

Whoa Doc... where's the fire? Are you that ticked off because I DID change my health without you or big pharma?

I practically body blocked her from a quick exit to truly discuss the cholesterol as I have been concerned, after 40+ years of bad advice about 'fat' & 'cholesterol' ~ nope, it's all good.

So the peanut butter, nuts, almond butter, REAL butter, coconut oil, avocado, cottage cheese, real mayo, real cheese, real food... it's all good. I've lost 85 pounds and lowered all the worrisome lab stuff by EATING. And I stopped holding my breath as I watched the 'yellow' spread on my FS RDI pie chart, it's all good. Yay.

Note to FS techs - why a pie chart? Everytime I look at it I think about PIE. Usually pecan pie. Can't we just have a graph? LOL.

I know I can't undo the past but I was reflecting on the last time (in my 40's) I lost the 100+ lbs. Let's see, I'd started the week of Thanksgiving '04.. by May '05 I can't remember how much I'd lost but I bought a size 14 jeans while on vacation (yes, Sharon, it's always about the jeans) so Hmmm here I am right on track with a decade ago 'size wise' but ... oh yea... I haven't been starving myself. I've been eating. Everything I want.

Fortunately, the longer I eat healthy, I find I really only want healthy foods. So that's a great Karma there.

The Doc did actually try to mindfu... wait, clean it up Bella, uh.. mess with my mind. I don't know why but she did and it kind of ticked me off. I consider it quite unprofessional.

Of all the things she DIDN'T want to talk about, she offered, unsolicited, 'you know, there will always be some foods you miss...' and I shook my head 'no' and said 'Nope, I eat whatever I want now...' and left it at that. She actually looked disappointed.

Oh, something to note. While I managed to get OUT of the clinic without going Pesci on them (sorry, earlier journal hangover) and asking, I will the question here (although, unless you work there, you probably don't know the answer either)

'Why oh why in the world would you hang framed pictures of CHOCOLATE beside the weigh in scale? Are you really all that worried some of your clients uh patients may lose weight, improve their health and not need you as much???'

Seriously - right beside the weigh in scale were two framed pics. One read 'so much chocolate, so little time'. The other was just a big old honker of a chunk of chocolate with the word 'chocolate' in the header, just in case the person weighing in didn't know it was chocolate.

Now, I KNOW chocolate, like everything else in moderation, is good for you. I get it. But so are vegetables and fruit. Why not a photo of a pretty cornucopia of them??

I smell a conspiracy!

I don't have chocolate cravings anymore. Wait, yes, I have a cravings, just not binges.

A couple of times a week I enjoy a tablespoon of dark chocolate almond spread in a small glass bowl with a tablespoon of smart choice crunchy peanut butter. My own healthy 'reeses'.

But I no longer have the 'what happened to that 2lb bag of miniature reeses I just opened 10 minutes ago and why does Mdog look so frightened?' chocolate binges.

But considering I'm probably ONE in ... TEN at best of people going the right direction on that scale, well, you get my point. You are my friends and you understand where I'm coming from by now.

So, this is the same Doc in Nov that wasn't interested when I told her about FS. Apparently as I don't need her to prescribe metformin (blood sugar) or statin meds (cholesterol) or other drugs, she has no time for me.


Or as my gson would say 'In your Face!'

I also chuckled as I was waiting in line to 'cash out', a drug rep came in bearing a huge box of donuts. Doc once confessed to me that was her worst weakness. She said 'one is too many, a thousand isn't enough'.

I won't tempt Karma by being mean or spiteful. I'll just cross my fingers when I sweetly say 'gee, I hope she didn't feel weak this morning....'

No, Karma, I'm not being smug, cocky, or over confident. I'm actually sitting here thinking how blessed I am for my good friends here at FS who actually show they care. And don't charge me $300 for lab & office visits!

Life is sweet ~ even sweeter than chocolate.

Thank you all.

Diet Calendar Entries for 08 March 2013:
1168 kcal Fat: 42.33g | Prot: 124.27g | Carb: 71.53g.   Breakfast: Egg, Swiss Cheese, Spinach, Sauerkraut Libby. Lunch: Starkist Chunk Albacore, Sauerkraut, Celery. Dinner: Campbell's Chicken Broth, Sartori, Starkist Albacore Tuna, Cucumber. Snacks/Other: Cottage Cheese 4%, Golden Blend Schwans, Triple Berry Schwan. more...
2058 kcal Activities & Exercise: Sleeping - 24 hours. more...


Some excellent news on your health to balance out the drama with the brick mason. Keep on making those good food choices and your doc won't even recognize you next time!  
08 Mar 13 by member: Josie Ann
Awesome news about your blood work. I can't imagine a doctor treating me that way - guess I've been lucky so far! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall if you had actually come out and confronted her with what you were thinking. Doctors and their god complexes - geeesh! But I suppose it's like you said about the karma and all - good on ya for keeping such a positive outlook :) 
08 Mar 13 by member: evelyn64
Well girl all I can say is...I have to agree that doctors will tell you that you need to lose weight..but they want if to be from them..not some friends you have made..the very ones that do care a whole heap..it you know what I mean..you have learned alot about your self and that your not alone in this journey..Heck yeah we care..we have all had to go through what you have..I have lost and gained the same weight over and over and over again..but not this time..like you we have learned to not diet but to change our eating habits for life..no matter what the WOE is..we have to do what is best for us..Me personally..I can't eat fruits and veggies because of my colitis..and you have to eat the way you do cause it works..for you..I for one am soooo proud of you..unlike your doctor I really mean it..Hugs my friend...:O) 
08 Mar 13 by member: BHA
Congrats on good lab work Bella, and an even bigger congrats that you can - finally - have whatever you want, and do so in moderation and not beat yourself up about it. That is so much bigger than just weight loss. You have done an incredible job. And screw the doctor, hope she drowns in donut crums (you wouldn't say it so someone had to LOL) I admire you so much. 
08 Mar 13 by member: sarahsmum
Aww good news Bella I'm so happy for you. I would write what I think of your doc. But it's rise so I'll just think it really hard... 
08 Mar 13 by member: riocaz
I think what I want to say isn t going to come out right...but I will try anyway. I am so proud of you and love your journey and your journal...I always learn something. I think our greatest cheerleader has to be ourselves. As much as I love my buddies this big picture thing is about me. How much do I want it. I was kind of mad at your doctor because I wanted her to jump up and down and dance with you for the great test results med free and giant weight loss...and she didn't and I was kind of angry...but I caught myself wanting praise from some other source than me or you....bottom line, no one is going tojump high enough or do the back flips. Not enough anyway. We have to be our own beet cheer 
08 Mar 13 by member: sharonfriz
Beet cheer....auto correct sorry . We have to be proud of ourselves. 
08 Mar 13 by member: sharonfriz
Good Golly, Miss Molly!!! That's the best news I've heard in months. Thanks, ever so much, for sharing. And I love the 'tude goin on as the weight comes off and the empowerment of making your own smart choices.... gives me lots of hope and encouragement to keep doin my own thang, too! 
09 Mar 13 by member: Sweet Ce
In her face with the doughnuts at the very least!! I am so happy that you have been able to prove to your self and the medical professionals that taking care of yourself is much more than taking a pill to correct bad behaviors. I will leave you with what my doc said, "Whatever you are doing works. Keep it up!" Have a great day! 
09 Mar 13 by member: RiverRes
Doesn't feel good to get some positive feedback that all you are doing is really improving your health. Some doctors are good and some not so much. I'm surprised that she doesn't have posters about how great it is to smoke. I've had doctors in the past that were just interested in prescribing drugs to treat the symptoms rather than working on the cause. Always wondered if they were getting some sort of kick back from the drug producers. Never lasted long with them.  
09 Mar 13 by member: fatoldlady
WHY does FS use a PIE CHART!??! OMG I have so wondered about that, it's really quite cruel isn't it? I'm not missing any food at all-if I really want it, I will make room in my daily food allowance to have it, or at least some of it. I split a chocolate pastry with the Eating Machine Saturday, and it was lovely and delicious and I enjoyed every bite of it. I really think the whole thing would have been too much for me to truly enjoy in any case. If losing weight is made to be an unpleasant task that is all about deprivation, no one will succeed. However-it doesn't mean constant gratification either. Those of us that have disordered eating just have trouble finding the balance, that balance which people who maintain a regular weight within the right range. seem to have naturally. I see people that appear not to be overweight at all eat all kinds of food, both "good" and "bad". I'm not going to eliminate things I really love, but I will investigate exactly what consequences they have and find a way to balance them out.  
11 Mar 13 by member: CollyMP


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