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Okay so maybe I really don't spit in the face of TOM.....hmmmm...seems TOM heard that and I am in my 'normal' state of being 'bound' up. Blah hate feeling like that and when you don't go it doesn't reflect well on the scale, BUT at least I know what it is.

We are going to Clinkendagger's tomorrow before the concert...that means there will be some wine involved. So in light of TOM and that I am going out I am going to try to do my own version of a FAT FAST today...low calories, low carbs and HIGH on FAT. Then I will do a fast tomorrow (breaking it at dinner). Hopefully, that will help with the wine that I will have (trying to plan in advance) and also help with TOM trying to screw around with me.

Ohhh a new place opened up that teaches line dancing and swing on Thursday nights for $5.00. DH has told me that he will not line dance (even though I tried to convince him that he has done the electric slide...lol) but he said no. He said that he would do the swing dance so that could be fun. Of course, if I do not stay on him then it will not happen so I will do some more research and maybe we can do it next week.

News flash...not sure I have mentioned it before, but if not, DH is diabetic...yes and he does not watch his carbs. Takes his oral meds. So today was the doctor check up. All is good. However, his A1C (even though it dropped from 7.5 to 7.4) needs to be better. His doctor told him to reduce his carbs...hahahaha. I said "I bet you thought 'oh dear Lord'. He said, "I told the Doctor 'you know Jamie has lost a lot of weight cutting carbs'". He said the Doc told him that he doesn't need to necessarily lose weight but needs to get his A1C to 6.5 or take a different medice that will tear his stomach up. So of course it will take him a few days as his love consists of sweets, rice, milk duds, rice, milk, milk and more milk, pudding (with milk), hot chocolate, corn and corn on the cob...did I mention rice? Oh and gravies...biscuit and gravy.....hashbrowns with gravy.....you get the picture. So I did a little research and told him that he could probably work with around 75 net carbs a day. This will be more stressful on me than him because he will drive me nuts. Oh and cereal..not a normal person bowl but a HUGE bowl of cereal with lots of MILK. So I did some research and told him that we need to try around 75 net carbs a day for him, but let me do some further research to try to get an average number of carbs for him currently. This will be interesting.

I hope everyone has a great day. Here is another link that I found about fat fasting if anyone wants to read more on it.



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Husbands...what to do with them?!? I know what you are saying about a normal bowl of cereal. Mine starts out w/a normal bowl, then takes the box with him and keeps filling it up. This is his bedtime snack and by morning - there may be a bowl of it left if anyone is lucky! Mine has a heart issue and I've tried convincing him that he needs to eat healthier. It's been baby steps, but it's slowly working since he's the cook in the house and my meals are completely different, he's been eating more like me. I've got him doing a lot more salads, fresh vegies. I hope you get the hubby out dancing - I'd LOVE it if we had a place that taught that, I know my husband would do the swing, but not the line dancing - what is with men! lmao I also know in the 15 yrs that we've been together I've never seen him dance. He only slowed dance at our wedding and me...well I was on the floor the entire night dancing my butt off!! lol Good luck w/the carb cutting for the hubby!! 
23 Jan 13 by member: Mrs. H
Hey Jamie. Have a great time at the concert and I can't wait to hear how you make out with your fat fast. Fingers crossed that TOM will be here and gone with no damage in its wake. Good luck with DH and I do hope he's able to decrease his A1C. That really stinks. I gotta tell ya, that whole cereal think.....I was the same way. Not a bowl of cereal, a box of cereal per sitting. That was a tough one for me to give up and even when I get to goal, it will be a loooooong time before any type of cereal crosses the threshold of our house!  
23 Jan 13 by member: Mokakiss
I would love to be a fly in his head when he was at the doctors office. Was there a little recording of SHE TOLD ME SO, playing at him over and over. He is a carb 0 hollic! Maybe it will be good, you'll both be on a closer diet for his health and yours. Have fun swing dancing. I did that and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Ive never had so much fun! 
23 Jan 13 by member: Lizzygracemusic
Enjoy your night out and your wine! I hope your fat fast works out well. I'm going to make an attempt at a dinner to dinner fat fast from tonight to tomorrow and see how things go. I'm already in Ketosis so I don't know that it'll make a huge deal of difference. As for the hubby, good luck! I know they are stubborn at times but maybe the doctor scared him enough to want to make a change. 75 NC/day should be relatively easy though I'm sure he'll be fussing about having to give "everything" up until he realizes how much better he feels. The dancing sounds like so much fun. I wish I didn't live out in the sticks where there's hardly a gym available much less any other dancing etc. Cereal is still a battle with me in the mornings. I like to be able to pour eat and go without having to be awake enough to cook etc. As for TOM...I'll spit in his face for you! Mean old nasty TOM. People around here joke about "welcome to walmart get your s*** and get out". Well...the same holds true for TOM..I hope he gets his business done and gets gone quickly and with minimal damage for you.  
24 Jan 13 by member: Rachel116
Finally catching up with my FS friends & hope you enjoy your night out tonight. Am curious to hear about your fat fast, so keep us posted! Hope all goes well with DH's new lower carb diet, & that it doesn't stress you out too much! xoxox 
24 Jan 13 by member: Ruhu
Thanks ladies! LOL....Mrs. H you are right about the line dancing...hahaha Yes the carbs will be hard for him but I think I will just have to slowly slip them in. He did not have cereal last night. I let him have his last meal of rice (for awhile), and I think he knows it will be more portion controlled moving forward. The tough part is his lunches too...he is not an easy person to please and is definitely high maintenance. So he gets 'tired' of a sandwich, and 'tired' of this and 'tired' of that. Gets 'tired' of a salad. I will need to make special trips to Wal-Mart to get the flat out bread for him to have...instead of his Naan bread...although he does only eat half of a piece of Naan...so that is good.  
24 Jan 13 by member: jaime30024
There is also a low carb bread that tastes just like regular bread to me available in both white and wheat that walmart carries! Good luck!  
24 Jan 13 by member: Rachel116
I went to line dancing classes for a while. It looked so easy. My legs never hurt me so bad in my life. The instructor was ruthless. How could such a simple looking thing be so physically demainding? Enguiring minds want to know. 
24 Jan 13 by member: DairyKing
Gosh Jaime.....I think I see a lot of low-carb cookbooks in your future! You're so good to take care of your DH this way. Hope he can eventually wrap his head around all this so he can become an active participant in this process, rather than relying on you to figure everything out for him. Because you've been on this WOE, at least you're not starting from scratch. Good luck. 
24 Jan 13 by member: Sandy701

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