FullaBella's Journal, 15 January 2013

Bella 72 hour rule met - recorded the 5lb loss.

Gotta love the FatSecret Scale-bot:

You lost 5.0 lb (2.3 %) since you last weighed in on Wednesday 09 Jan 13. At that rate it will take you about 3 months to get to your goal weight.

Nice optimism, bot, but get real, will ya? Only way that will happen is have something amputated or change my goal weight. All in a day though. Last week I could hear it sneering at me when it reported 'your weight is the same since the last weigh in'. I could hear it's tone 'Are you even trying Bella?'

Yes, I'm pleased with the loss and yes I'm grinning at the whole ironic timing of it. Increased caloric intake and decreased activity equals weight loss? Pizza & fudge sundae's for lunch!! I'll have them in the bed, okay? In fact, spoon feed me so I don't burn any calories eating.

KIDDING of course!

However, the bigger part of this is it's really more than just a number for me.

It's the whole thing. The not starving. The not exercising myself into a stroke. The liking what I eat and liking myself after I eat.

Yesterday I toyed repeatedly with my food diary trying to find a way to add 400 more calories to what I'd already scheduled to eat to keep up the 1600-1700 cal a day goal. I didn't reach it.

The thought of more food was making me nauseous and I had to laugh at myself. I felt like that line in that movie 'Cap'n, I'm giving her all I got!'

I had the silliest conversation with myself about low carb snacks. Yes, I have to talk to myself around here because MH just increases the volume on the TV and my little furbaby fakes being asleep, even to the point of snoring. What a performer.

This was while I was in line at the drugstore drive thru ~ playing elevator with my car seat. (Yes, I could have gone inside but I didn't want to be exposed to all the sick coughing sneezing people in there!)

Here's the conversation ~ you'll have to change the voices in your own head, mine are busy:

"I want to try to find a way to have better, lower carb snacks that aren't processed foods."
Are you thinking of going on Atkins?

"Gosh no - I'd miss my apples too much!"
So eat an apple.

"I'm sick of apples all the time."
So eat some other fruit or vegetables.

"I'm tired of chewing vegetables. I could go the rest of the month without seeing cauliflower."
When did you last have cauliflower?

"That's not the point! I want a nice, healthy, low carb snack!"
I'm confused. Are you hungry?

Then why the snack quest?

"I'm ... bored?"
And food amuses you?

"Shut UP!... Oh ... look, the line is moving!!!"

Isabel, if you're reading, ask the men in white coats to come get me too, will ya?

Bless you for reading ~

Disclaimer: (I'm liking these disclaimers) Obviously the views expressed in this journal are not those of a clinically sane woman so don't try this at home nor operate heavy machinary while reading my journals.

Diet Calendar Entries for 15 January 2013:
1659 kcal Fat: 68.80g | Prot: 119.32g | Carb: 129.01g.   Breakfast: Hormel Canadian Bacon, Egg, Coffee, Babybel Cheese, Laughing Cow Cheese. Lunch: Turkey Chili, Meatball. Dinner: Cornbread, 100 Cal Almond, Hummus Spinach. Snacks/Other: Fat Free Plain Yogurt, Swiss Miss Sugar Free. more...
2212 kcal Activities & Exercise: Sleeping - 24 hours. more...


Do you suppose our voices are related? Knowing our husbands must be! As to low carb snack, maybe try raw almonds, they even have a sweet taste.  
15 Jan 13 by member: 2toofat
CONGRATS on the 5lbs that is super. 
15 Jan 13 by member: 2toofat
Yay for making it past the 72 hour rule! I love surprise losses - wish they would happen more often. I remember having success in the past with calorie cycling - 2 low days then one high day, that sort of thing. I might give that a try to help me bust my own stalemate with the scale. Eating the same snacks, low carb or not, can get boring. I find that adding something spicy to the mix helps - like a chipotle hummus to dip my baby carrots in. There's something about spices that give heat that appeal to my older tastebuds - never liked it much when I was younger. Anyway, maybe something along those lines might work for you, too :) 
15 Jan 13 by member: evelyn64
Yay yippee yahoo, my friend! Congratulations. Hey, I had a conversation with various body parts in my bathtub this morning, so 'we' were quite able to supply the voices for YOUR conversation, even a few giggles. I didn't notice the carb count on the lime jalapeno kale chips I had the other day from Whole Foods; they were made with cashews, peppers, nutritional yeast, etc., and were fantastic; totally satisfying on so many levels. I'll research if for you, stop by & buy myself another package (heh heh) to check for you, let you know if it would be a good option to add those calories in a good way. I remember it was like 124 calories a serving (2.6 per bag), healthy fat from cashews. OH darn, I could check it out in my food diary..... I'm so happy for you! 
15 Jan 13 by member: crabby Kat
Woohoo! Well done you!!! 
15 Jan 13 by member: riocaz
Thank you all - I actually do have the regular & cocoa almond 100 cal packs - haven't tried raw yet, something to live for - and bought that exact chiptole hummus last night to try - haven't done it yet. My caveat was 'you'll want it on crackers, I'm sure' and that had the whole 'low carb' snack convo going. It's ridiculous how many snacks I have - guacamole (spicy), babybel cheese, string cheese, etc., to have been even having that conversation in my head but then again I never claim to be sane. Kat, I had a kale chiptole crunch from WF, not bad but not a rebuy for me. I have a cabinet, fridge and shelf full of healthy snacks ~ I'm just crazy :-) 
15 Jan 13 by member: FullaBella
Hey Bella congrats on the loss!! I knew it would show up..so happy for you. If I want to have something with a 'cracker' or 'chip' I buy the Mission Low Carb Tortilla's, and I take one and slice it up into about 25 squares or so. Then I deep fry it. That gives me chips and they are low carb and high fiber. They aren't that good baked (at least to me), but deep fried I find I do not miss crackers or chips. I have also used the low carb italian flat out bread for a different season on my 'cracker'. When I cook these I do several and bag them up (1 tortilla's worth of chips to a baggie). Then I always have some on hand. 
15 Jan 13 by member: jaime30024
Bella, I'm eating the cilantro lime jalapeno kale chips for lunch (& smudging my kindle screen); I couldn't resist. Going to try a recipe to make my own, bought the nutritional yeast. I love snacks, too. At least this one is nutritionally sound enough to count as lunch... 
15 Jan 13 by member: crabby Kat
Turkey Chili Soup here, Kat - started as chili but had some spinach, mushrooms and squash I needed to cook up so things shifted. Jaime - never even THOUGHT about there being low carb tortilla - see why I love this site? I used to love microwaving flour tortillas - made them crispy like chips but no fry or oil. Something new for next grocery outing. I DID find some Kellog Special K Crackers with Sea Salt - not so much low carb but very light, fluffy, 110 cal per 30 chips and am so planning to have that with my hummus this eve. I think this is a repeat of above but I am so happy this time - losing weight without starving. Making peace with food. Eating for life. Making good friends here who help and encourage. Bless you all! Bella  
15 Jan 13 by member: FullaBella
I really feel that they should change the formula to be more involved than change between this weigh in and last weigh in. Its so simplistic as to be useless. I have been weighing in weekly and recording the change in my spreedsheet then I have a field calculate the average change. I think that's a much better indicator of what will happen provided you eat and exercise in a consistent manner. I like the self reflection conversation, that is a good thing to analyze why you feel like eating. Great job and keep up the good work.  
15 Jan 13 by member: Savaticus
I agree it should take an average of the past few weigh-ins at the very least. 
16 Jan 13 by member: riocaz
Good for you, my FS Angel! I especially love your remark about "liking what I eat and liking myself after I eat". What an insight & accomplishment! Eating should be that basic & easy, but somehow (even in our angelic states -- LOL), we make it so complicated. Thanks for uncomplicating things in another amazing journal! And even amidst your insanity, you write the most sane things:)! (I've learned the hard way, to always read the fine print!) xoxox  
16 Jan 13 by member: Ruhu
Oh my Bella, I needed a smile this morning, and you gave me one. I love the conversation with yourself and the courage to share it. I too think about what I can eat all the time it seems and it gets very boring and makes me so weary. I long for the days of running into anywhere and grabbing a bagel or muffin and a coffee - life was so simple then. Fab on the 5 lb loss. Enjoy - its a great feeling. And the men in the white coats are having a busy week! 
16 Jan 13 by member: sarahsmum
It must feel so good to finally get a nice drop in weight, I'm so jealous. I have that same conversation in my mind but for me its a way of going back to snacking on foods that I shouldn't be eating. And you are so right, these cravings aren't becasue I'm hungry but because I want to amuse myself with food. 
16 Jan 13 by member: fatoldlady
I like your humor. Like you, I get tired of munching on fruit and raw veggies because it's low cal. Sometimes I find that if I just go ahead and eat something like a whole can of light tuna packed in water (less than 200 calories), I won't eat the 300 or 400 calories in useless carbs that I would have otherwise. You're doing great. Hmmm, a little concerned that the voices are answering you. :D 
17 Jan 13 by member: DairyKing
Thanks again everyone. Yeah, I'm sure the Scale-Bot could be a little more accurate but most of the time it cracks me up so much I'm surprised it doesn't come with a two-drink minimum. I had another conversation about throwing away all the 'carbbased' snacks I do have (bagel chips, pretzel crisps) last night but will save that for another day ~~ don't want the voices in my head chasing away the new guy... welcome DK! I agree completely about tuna - I've been having that this week to up my protein & cals and really need to save it for later in the day because I have to practically force feed my dinner when I have it for lunch ((( and I never thought I'd EVER type such a sentence in my life.... ))) Isabel, are those white coat guys still around? Ask them to make one last stop in Bellawood! 
17 Jan 13 by member: FullaBella
I hear you about the low carb snacks. Mostly I eat sugar free pudding snacks, an apple or a pear with string cheese, and hummus and carrots, and lately broccoli with light ranch dip. Probably not the absolute most fantastic, but it gets me by. I am always looking for low carb snacks that are also low cal, high protein, high fiber. Clue me in if you know of any! 
18 Jan 13 by member: kmartdollie
Haha I'm loving your disclaimers too by the way.. and I also love the FS messages that we get after some weigh-ins! My favorite has been something like "You are gaining weight at an alarming rate" - :) And it's nice to know that I'm not the only one that talks to myself! 
19 Jan 13 by member: erika2633
Dollie - there were several good ideas listed in the comments above.I got carb management mission tortilla Jaime - that was the best our store offered - they are pretty good - had them with the hummus (Yes, Eveyln, I've since acquired a taste for it and it's delicious.) And one OTHER really good snack I read on a post (if only I knew how to past links I'd do it but it's a post about cheap healthy snacks) recently to help me change things up a bit was using romaine lettuce as a wrap (instead of breads, chips, etc) - I got some of that last night and it was great. Erika, seriously, 'alarming rate'? Did it have a follow up instruction to dial 911 or something? How demoralizing would that be? Makes me want to go play with it a bit ... but .. naaah. Thanks again everyone. 
19 Jan 13 by member: FullaBella


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