HCB's Journal, 21 August 2012

What motivates you to move along in your change process? Many Buddies talk about my dedication and motivation to lose weight and maintain exercise. What does it mean to you, and what do you think of the following list?

Motivation refers to the performance of an activity in order to attain an outcome that originates as either an internal or an external drive.

Starting from studies involving more than 6,000 people, Professor Steven Reiss has proposed a theory that found some universal basic desires that guide nearly all human behavior.

The basic desires that motivate our actions and define our personalities:

Acceptance, the need for approval
Curiosity, the need to learn
Eating, the need for food
Family, the need to raise children
Honor, the need to be loyal to the values of one's clan/ethnic group
Idealism, the need for social justice
Independence, the need for individuality
Order, the need for organized, stable, predictable environments
Physical activity, the need for exercise
Power, the need for influence of will
Romance, the need for sex
Saving, the need to collect
Social contact, the need for friends (peer relationships)
Social status, the need for social standing/importance

Today I am grateful for:

- My FS Buddies who support and encourage me to continue
- "Butt-kicking" myself to a smaller size today
- My DH - who is my greatest "cheerleader"
- My Bengal cat companions named Bodhi and Ravi
- My work - which has meaning and worth to other human beings
- My connection to the Mother Earth and its entire splendor
- My physical health

Diet Calendar Entries for 21 August 2012:
1119 kcal Fat: 26.71g | Prot: 113.09g | Carb: 126.20g.   Breakfast: skim milk, Body fortress superadvanced whey protein powder, water, coffee, milk. Lunch: Kashi Go Lean cereal, nonfat cottage cheese, water. Dinner: pork loin roast, sweet potato, asparagus, water. Snacks/Other: Strawberries, pineapple, All Bran Buds, Splenda, blackberries, water. more...
2942 kcal Activities & Exercise: Housework - 2 hours, Driving - 25 minutes, Desk Work - 5 hours, Sitting - 7 hours, Sleeping - 9 hours, Resting - 35 minutes. more...
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well, I haven't had any motivation to change for a couple years. I've wanted to, but have only maintained. What got me the first time was a crush on a boy much smaller than me. So Romance? If I can get thinner, it will make me a more appealing mate for a larger portion of the men out there. More guys would date a girl who is 10#s overweight vs. 100# overweight.  
21 Aug 12 by member: JessWhatINeeded
I'd say independence tops the list for my motivation but romance is up there, too. Power (over self) is another strong motivator. Great list, HCB. 
21 Aug 12 by member: Eringiffin
Sometimes I find that the motivation stems from creating a healthy habit. Bad habits are hard to break, so I believe that can be switched to making the healthier one to be harder. From your list: curiosity and order.  
21 Aug 12 by member: pam-u-la
All of those motivations are in me somewhere and different ones surface for different situations. I'm not really sure what order of importance I would put them in - but independence and acceptance would rate high as would order and physical activity. That list is a real "thinker"!  
21 Aug 12 by member: evelyn64
What motivates me? The desire to improve my body image and body performance. Getting into shape has definitely raised my self esteem and confidence. Now it's curiosity to see if I can achieve the all wonderous washboard abs! So looks like it's acceptance and curiosity for me. 
21 Aug 12 by member: CJT1217
For me it was strictly health, if I didn't lose weight I could destroy my knees and end up in a wheelchair. As well as high blood pressure, potential heart problems etc. When I was younger I used romance as a motivation to lose weight but that caused relationship issues and I would end up gaining it all back.  
21 Aug 12 by member: fatoldlady
For me, it was a combination of health and Romance. I got a huge diabetes scare that set me on this path 8 months ago, but that alone is not enough to keep me going. I want to look hot! I am perpetually single and the kind of men I am attracted to are not attracted to overweight women. They're just NOT. Trust me, I tried for years overweight with this and I can assure you the kind of dudes I'm into just don't care for overweight women. It's super shallow but it's the law of the jungle. I look a lot better but I'm still not where I want to be. It's nice to look better and get some male attention instead of none at all, but it's not quality male attention, it's just random horny guys. All of this keeps me in the gym and keeps cookies out of my mouth. There's really not much to my psyche. I want to keep my diabetes in check and attract a tall, goodlooking, smart, decent, non religious age appropriate white man. 
21 Aug 12 by member: kmartdollie
Aside from the obvious ones such as health, family, etc., which actually got me started down this path, one that's missing from the list is vanity. Not an attractive self-assessment, is it? I almost wrote "when I was younger..." But if I'm truly candid, I guess I'd have to say I'm still vain. I hated photographs of that "other chubby person," often refusing to participate in group pictures. I took a long, hard look at one taken last year, and it's not pretty. At the end of this road will I be a healthier vain person? Maybe. Hopefully I will have learned a little humility along the way, though. 
21 Aug 12 by member: jenkie5
From your list - independence and order. I have a need to take control of my life back.  
21 Aug 12 by member: BuffyBear
Ay Yi Yi!! The honesty here is just too much! :-) Jenkie may have the best answer of all. Who among us isn't vain? Even when we're motivated because of our health, we still sure get a kick out of hearing how great we're looking...I will add fear and anger to the list. FOL touched on fear without actually using the word. But anger is a very powerful emotion, and frankly, I was angry with myself for allowing me to get so out of control! Having said that, however, anger all by itself will NOT get the job done. It must be harnessed into a plan which leads forward to a solution. Well, here I am. It worked for me :-) 
21 Aug 12 by member: Baxie
For me this journey is motivated by fear of immobility and death. HEALTH! Vanity is definitely not a reason for me. At my age, the more I lose, the worse I look. I will NEVER again look HOT. I have the skin of two people and a whole lot less body to cover. The draping skin makes me look so much older. I used to look 20 years younger than I was. People were always in shock when I told them my age . . . no longer. With mobility comes freedom. Freedom is one of my motivators. My weight has never kept me from romance, love, power, social influence or status. I think that the issues people have in their own heads are what make these an issue. I never had them. People (including men) have loved me at whatever weight I was. They continue to love me now. I love my life. That's my motivation. I WANT MORE OF IT. LOL! 
21 Aug 12 by member: Johanne
My motivations were more selfish. I had problems with quality of life issues, in the bedroom (sex), and taking care of myself (wiping my arse). Getting myself moving hurt. Plus in the 40's, all the additional aches and pains. When I was not taking care of myself and much more obese I had more pains and felt crappy on a daily bases. Oh, and lets not go into the whole mental issue. Being obese causes mental issues for many of us, sleep problems, etc.  
21 Aug 12 by member: posterchild66
The three words I most embrace in life are adventure, joy and creativity. From your list (which is rad) I think my weight loss drivers are social status and curiosity. I want to know how food works and exercise power over my flabby self to get to where I want to be by choice rather than consequence. And I see myself judging fat people (awful, I know, but I feel that I can tell the truth here) and fail to fully appreciate that I am also in that category.  
21 Aug 12 by member: Heidijoy
I am so glad you listed romance and sex. Those two are so important to me and i have been longing to address sex as a topic for one of my journal lists for a while. However I have worried about propriety. Maybe now I will have the courage to embrace -- the topic -- that is. Weight loss enhances these motivators in such a powerful way. Your list is fantastic and it really lead me to think. Thanks so much! 
22 Aug 12 by member: wiener4
Correction. I meant to state "Professor Reiss' list." Your deference to his expertise seems truly commendable.  
22 Aug 12 by member: wiener4
My journey definitely started with the need for Acceptance - but not from others...but from myself....I needed to learn to approve of myself first. Now I'm getting there, it is definitely leaning towards Romance and Social Contact. 
22 Aug 12 by member: triaby
What a great journal HCB! I read all the comments and think I can relate to all at one time or another. jenkie5 got me thinking about vanity which I thought was probably huge for me but maybe not since I have allowed myself to be overweight now for the last 15 years. I've been happy EXCEPT for my weight during that time. Curiosity if very motivating for me now that I have the FS tools to see WHAT exactly I am eating - ie. Cholesterol, sugar, fiber. I'm trying to design my menus for optimum weight and especially health with a little bit of pleasure too. 
22 Aug 12 by member: Neptunebch
Motivations: better health, better sex drive (it has been improving) and ability to wear my pretty things, I want to take my daughter dancing when she turns 18 - I need to feel thinner and be thinner to have the confidence to do that. The dancing was what kicked me over the edge to really committ to weight loss and exercise. My improved sex drive is helping me keep steady with my calories counting. Sadly, health is number three but the most important in the scheme of things. Sometimes, I know I am my mother's daughter - far to vain. HCB - thanks for making me think. I will exercise today! 
22 Aug 12 by member: jessabridge4444
My kids motivate me... no doubt. My family all struggles with weight and I want to be around as long as possible for them. I can do so much more and keep up better with less weight to carry around. I constantly worry about their weight but as you can see from the pics they are healthy and not sticks lol. My son is almost 11 and of course he has treats and foods I can't anymore but instead I use them to teach him balance and portion control. He doesn't always get it right but he does a lot more that I did at his age! There are other things also like wanting to look better (esp when I hit 40!) and other selfish reasons (hehe) but my kids are def NUMBER ONE! 
22 Aug 12 by member: thynes
WOW - what thoughtful, deep and wonderful comments. We all are on this path together and this brings us to an understanding we are not alone in our little battle of the bulge! THAT is the FatSecret - community, connection, and information sharing is so effective in creating success for all us! ROCK ON, my Buddies! 
22 Aug 12 by member: HCB


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