sararay's Journal, 26 February 2008

I started doing 100 situps morning and night because of the BTBW Challenge. That was my goal this week, but I am hoping I get into the habit of it. In the past it has really helped me to slim my waist and tone my abs. I do abs at the gym but I don't work out every day. I think this will help me get into those size 6 jeans. :) It was really hard to get up this morning, but I did them.

Shannon's post about cutting dairy reminded me that I was toying with the idea of doing a kind of rotation with my Atkins diet. I would have no dairy or nuts and only things allowed on the induction menu on Monday through Wednesday, more veggies, some dairy Thursday through Saturday and on Sunday something a little higher carb but still on the allowed list like fruit or a low-carb dessert. I've been just thinking about it because it works for some people. Some people can just average out their carb intake through the week and that works for them. I think I may need something more regimented.

It's officially 2 weeks since the scale has moved. I hope something will happen by the end of this week. I am so eager to get to 155. It just goes SOOOOO SLOOOOWWWW for me. I get impatient, but really I can't force the issue. If I start forcing myself to cut out too much I will get off balance. I am at a very delicate balanced state right now. I don't want to mess anything up. I can't afford to go backwards so I would just rather go forwards really slowly. It is so hard to be patient sometimes.

Last night I experimented with some sugar free Coconut Macaroon recipes. I looked up a few recipes and took the best things out of all of them. When I get it perfected I'll post it in the kitchen. They were SO good. I bought organic, unsweetened shredded coconut. It is really good for you. My husband liked them and said I can make them anytime. I might try using a little more egg next time. We'll see.

Goal: 20 g net carbs

2 pieces bacon
lemon water (1g)
cheese and ham omlette (4g)
4 stalks celery w/ EVOO dressing (2g)
2 cups chicken and stir-fried vegetables (4g)
1 cup swiss-miss decaf s/f (2g)
Chocolate chip Atkins bar (2g)
2 cups greek salad (3g)
s/f coconut macaroons (2g)

Total: 20g net carbs (so far)

Exercise: >100 crunches morning ab routine, >100 crunches evening ab routine
on diet Atkins  


Wow, that's a lot of sit ups, lol.... I am doing about 40-50 starting today .... I will try to keep up w/ you though! 
26 Feb 08 by member: lorik
The thing that you can definitely say is you are steady and maintaining in the 150s! Have fun with the situps! I did the same with pushups a few months ago, and a massage therapist had to fix my shoulder (and surprisingly enough, she did.) I havent done a pushup since haha. The Cocoanut macaroons sound devine! Im scared to try my treats anymore..b/c I was set back some days since eating them...granted, sugar alcohols were involved.. 
26 Feb 08 by member: Shannon_21
I'll look forward to you posting the recipie. Believe me, I know how you feel when it comes to losing weight slowly. I've not had this problem before so it really is frustrating. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that things could be worse. Are you doing sit ups or crunches? Crunches are much better for your back. One thing I do to work my lower abs is lift my legs up perpendicular to the floor then SLOWLY lower them until my heels touch the floor then bring legs back to starting position. For an easier version you can bring your legs back to start by bringing knees toward chest and then lifting legs up or for the harder version you can reverse the motion once your heels touch the floor and get them back to start that way. This also works the lower back. I can only do a few of them at a time right now as my lower abs are pretty weak. Good luck on working those abs into shape!! 
26 Feb 08 by member: slease
I have a whole ab routine that I do. I added some new exercises recently that I got from an ab video I got. I do crunches, twisting crunches, crunches with one leg crossed over the other, double crunches. I do those leg lifts that you are talking about, Stacy, I do straight leg ones and I do sets of ten, I also do the bent-leg ones as they work different muscles. I also do bicicles and bent leg stretches from pilates. I am also working on different plank exercises. They really work your core but I don't "count" them in my 100 situps because I don't know how to. I just hold the plank for 10-20 seconds, I also do a plank exercise where you start off in plank, lower the right knee, straighten then raise the right leg from the hip. I repeat on the other side. I am trying to work my way up to 10 on each side but those are killer. Anyone have any other ab exercises they do? I am always looking for new ones so I don't get bored. Shannon, I know what you mean about sugar alcohols, but I think they saved me from bingeing last week when I had my TOM. I figure it's better to stall than to gain. Better set back in a stall than set back in a gain. Good to see you Lori! 
26 Feb 08 by member: sararay
I get frustrated by how sloooooow the weight comes off too. But we have to hang in there and take it a pound at a time and eventually those pounds will add up! Keep it up!  
26 Feb 08 by member: mbhpro
I'm so intrigued by your situp routine. I might try it. I am also very interested in the macaroon recipe! Don't worry, Sara. the scale will move again soon. You are SO on top of this. You SO deserve it. It is coming.  
26 Feb 08 by member: cindylynnwho


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