SusanCan2020's Journal, 09 July 2018

What is everyone's thoughts on the Premier Protein drinks. 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar. You can get them in chocolate and vanilla. You can buy them at Costco

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They are my go-to protein drink. I like the vanilla and use it as creamer for my coffee 
09 Jul 18 by member: MLWare
I had a craving for sugar and it took away the craving and made me feel full at the same time. 
09 Jul 18 by member: SusanCan2020
Are you LCHF? If so just make sure you balance out all that protein with your fat and you should be good. I’ve never used that kind before. I have used a protein powder and mixed it will heavy cream to make pudding a couple of times. 
09 Jul 18 by member: CrashtestDawnie
I was before until family kept offering food. This time I am not telling anyone. Some of my family members are very opinionated and food would be the main topic of convo if they knew I was back on it. So today is me first day....again. I will have to try that pudding combo. And I have to do more research with regards to ratios. 
09 Jul 18 by member: SusanCan2020
I tried them, they arent bad, but because there is so much protein, I had to find a way to add more fat. If you are just low carb it should be fine, but for Keto or LCHF there is too much protein.  
09 Jul 18 by member: Klynn82
Thinking about doing this about a week before an "unpleasant procedure"... cause I'm at that age. Thoughts? 
09 Jul 18 by member: From371to184
So perhaps drink just half if LCHF. Again i definately need to research ratios 
09 Jul 18 by member: SusanCan2020
there are a lot of sites that have keto calculators, you put in your numbers and your body fat ratio and it gives you a basic guideline, then you adjust as needed for your needs. what do you need liquid protein for?? normally you can get plenty of quality protein from your diet. I tend to avoid artificial foods. 
09 Jul 18 by member: baskington
How it started today was through sugar craving and I knew protein fills u up. Not doing it for workouts or anything like that. Will definitely look up one of those sites. And From371to184 if u don't get a response to your question here, do a journal entry with that question; I wouldn't want it lost in this one :) 
09 Jul 18 by member: SusanCan2020
I bought the AdvantEDGE. 100calories, 0g sugar, 17g proetin(34%) 2.5g Fat (3%) 3 total carbs, but less than 1g Fiber. I didn't think about the low fat in these and they need more fiber. I can make that happen. I was doing LC before but trying Keto now, so I'll have to make adjustments. 
09 Jul 18 by member: dboza
What kind of sugar and what else is in it, 
09 Jul 18 by member: mrsdave1
It is sucralose. 160 cal, 1 gram of sugar, 30 g of protein. I might try the AdvantEDGE after these. Oh and also there are a whole bunch of chemicals that would make ur hair stand on end lol. But in the meantime, I will finish off this case first :) 
09 Jul 18 by member: SusanCan2020
I'm a big fan of these though Peaches and Cream is my favorite! 
09 Jul 18 by member: Time2FixMe
Protein without fat metabolize in an unfavourable way. Under my disipline, these things are banned. Natures protein sources are not. 
09 Jul 18 by member: Diddlee
I love the premier shakes! super easy when you are on the go  
13 Aug 18 by member: Spenserlowrey


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