Sharons Victory's Journal, 19 June 2018

Thanks for all the encouragement and you guys pointing out that I've been down lately...I hadn't even realized how down I've been.

I'm not very in tune with myself...I can be depressed or upset about something and start acting out and not even realize why I'm doing what I'm doing...

I used to drink when I was upset but now I don't drink so I'm now eating...

After reading all your guy's responses I stopped and did a self check and realized I think I'm still upset over my dating life and the rejection I've been encountering lately.

The good news is that other parts of my life are coming together...I went and saw a college counselor yesterday to see about pursuing my passion of interior design and found out I'm only two semesters away from getting an AA in art and humanities. Might not seem like a big deal to some but I've had a rough life and dropped out of high school and went and got my GED many years of my biggest regrets. I used to be a straight A student that played three instruments and then I dropped out...ha. But you can't dwell on the past...but me getting a degree, ANY degree, would feel like a sort of redemption.

Also, I want to pursue getting another degree after that...I'm just trying to check with work to see if they'll work with my schedule at all and am waiting to hear back...but if they say no I'll just look in to a different school possibly because my local one doesn't offer very much in the evenings.

Anyway...I only had coffee with two tablespoons of half and half this morning and haven't eaten yet today so I decided that I think it will be a fasting day.

I grew up religious and we used to fast and pray for spiritual reasons...well today my fast is for my health and mind and body and soul and I'm going to fast and pray for strength and maybe revisit my meals to ensure they're still enjoyable instead of eating the same thing for three weeks.

I got this peeps don't worry :)

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Hey, I say this ambition and decision is great 4 you !!!! I wish you all the success should you decide to go back to school....this is a great idea. As for the men in your life, if they can't see or find your value, spirit, love, and beauty within and without ---then there not really men !!!!! ...... Don't worry, when the timing is right, things will fall into place.....God must have better plans for you in the near future......he just hasn't revealed them to you quite yet..... Hang in there ---we r all here 4 you if need someone to listen or speak with ----drop me a line ---I don't mind.... CHEERS 4 YOU !!!! Your doing better than I think you realize.... ;D  
19 Jun 18 by member: wright2018
Good to hear to that you are feeling self-aware. I think we all carry around invisible extra baggage. We get so used to it, that it becomes our new norm. Once I retired, my whole demeanor changed. I had no idea how much the pressures of the job slowed me down. Dating? Relationships are tough. Be patient, my friend. You are a unique & precious creature. Education? Yes, it’s money in the bank. No one can take it away from you and it can only open more doors. Fasting? I’m not a faster .... but if it works for you, so be it. Take care my friend.  
19 Jun 18 by member: glen
Welcome back, studmonkey! I was starting to think you were going Titanic for a bit there and was gonna do the whole, "don't you dare give up on me, Rose." Anyhow, when we care, we pay attention and can catch these things even when the one suffering can't see sometimes. It's not just a passing concern; rather, it's a heartfelt desire to see you succeed - in ALL aspects of life. Get things straight with God if that's a current struggle for you and put that as priority #1 if so. Get things straight with school/work too (as those will build your future). During and after those areas are laid as a solid foundation, establish your health (eating and exercise). But take some time to figure out who Sharon is and exactly what you want and where you want a relationship to go. Get comfortable with you so you can go into the dating scene with confidence and a game-plan and not need to settle. Work on YOU and  THAT will attract the perfect guy for you. He will fall in love with who you are and you won't need to "try" because you'll be exactly who you are and you'll know the love is true and lasting. I do care about you. I'm always here to talk if you need (probably best in PMs for the deeper stuff), but just know that you have a support mechanism and people who will talk you down from your ledges and pick you up when you're down. You are loved, Sharon. ❤ 
20 Jun 18 by member: chrisw77
Glad you’re feeling better! I was worried about you. Getting a degree is a great goal and will give you self confidence. Hugs to you! Hang in there 
20 Jun 18 by member: momma6224


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