wright2018's Journal, 26 May 2018

Happy Memorial Day Weekend !!!

A little bored today, not sure why ----Could it be mid life crisis creepin' in ? I certainly hope not.....My birthday is fast approaching on the 29th, another year older, perhaps this is the reason for my melancholy mood. Anyhow, I figured I would make use of the extra time by making a quick lunch ---I call it the world's smallest turkey,pepper jack, grilled cheese sandwich. (1 slice of each item/folded/ then cut in halves to make me think there's more) haha. Why you ask? Because my daughter and her visiting friends ate the loaf of bread over the course of the week and only left the last 2 end pieces (insert sigh here)....so I made do and it worked. Paired this with Harvest Crisp Snap Peas, garlic clove, and boiled veggies. Low cal which is good, but not quite enough for my liking :) !!!! It was healthy though and in all honesty it probably was the proper portion anyway.... Weight loss has slowed slightly, despite increasing workouts. I've tried mixing up routines, incumbent bike or treadmill (light HIIT training) with inclines, increased speed, heart rate in specific range. Increased weights while weightlifting, increased abdominal training to near daily, increased protein intake while decreasing carbs, and fat, but still waiting to see the results. I went out to a dinner with family yesterday (healthy grilled chicken salad/ 1 cup of lamb chili), thought I'd dig out some nice casual shorts that were stuffed away in the closet only wore one other time ----to my surprise they literally fell off and down to my ankles ---Thank God I was home when it happened :{ This is happening with nearly every pair of pants and shorts I own. Had to find a belt and alternate clothing and make do until I decide to go clothes shopping. I guess I shouldn't complain its what I wanted when I set out on this journey, but I know its going to get expensive if I have to keep purchasing clothes. :O I find this journey fun, odd, and a lifelong lesson for which I'm continually learning new things. What is so frustrating however is watching the scale from time to time fluctuating up, down, and even sideways (not really) ---but it sure feels like it.. I have yet to see a visual difference in the mirror and I think this is the most frustrating part of all. I know what my real problem is, the lack of patience. Admittedly I've always been like this, when I know or see what I want I get after it -----then when it takes longer to achieve the end goal I get upset, but I never give up or quit which I suppose is the most important aspect.

A bit later in the afternoon now and still bored, so I figured I add another snack into my post ---my smoothie blend--> contains 1 medium mango spear, 4 strawberries, 4 blueberries, 4 blackberries, ice, nonfat milk half of cup, and cinnamon powder to activate metabolism. Look below to see before blended and afterwards. While it may look like Pepto, I can assure you it tastes much much better. :)

Well to you fellow men and women out there I'm in full support of you, I too feel the success, failures, and daily struggles life throws our way and I'm here to tell ya it is a Beast !!! (Like to keep the language PG ).... While I do my best to keep going and continue to make light of the situation and have a little fun in the process; it is days like today which let me know I'm only human.

I'd like to thank all of you who continue to support and follow me, (I appreciate you all)and hope to speak with each of you as time progresses. I wish you all much success, and Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend. Good luck with your endeavors.

Diet Calendar Entry for 26 May 2018:
1211 kcal Fat: 65.43g | Prot: 53.33g | Carb: 107.07g.   Breakfast: Centrum Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplement, Nature Made Turmeric Curcumin (Nature Made), Water, Coffee. Lunch: Sunset One Sweet Pepper (Mini Peppers), Philadelphia Regular Cream Cheese, Garlic, Carrots, Private Selection Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Turkey, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps Black Pepper, Water. Dinner: Wegmans Corn on the Cob, Veggie Noodle Co. Zucchini Spirals, Stuffed Mushrooms, Brown Rice, Fried Battered Catfish, Unsweetened Iced Tea. more...
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As we used to say back in the day, “Keep on truckin!” Enjoy your weekend 😀 
26 May 18 by member: Highland Heather
Your food looks great! The universe provided you with portion control! You are making yourself healthier and happier for many birthdays to come! As for the mystery of the increased workouts and slowing weight loss, it is hanging around your snkles! Great job! 
26 May 18 by member: jengetfit123
26 May 18 by member: jengetfit123
@jengetfit123, HAHA ---got it my pants ----"looking like a fool with my pants on the ground" (old saying few years back)--- ;) Thanks for the humor, fun, and supportive comments. I enjoy reading your responses for motivation, and enjoy reading your many posts of your journey as well. Look forward to seeing the results of your hard work some day, and revealing my own some time in the future too. Enjoy your weekend, have fun !!!! Stay healthy and make good choices !!!!  
26 May 18 by member: wright2018
@highlandheather, thanks for your comment.....I'm trying like the rest of you all out there....keep telling myself to get moving and making every attempt to find inspiration from persons, music, life in general, nature---whatever works !!!! Take care and have a great weekend.  
26 May 18 by member: wright2018
You are doing a great job!  
26 May 18 by member: Suz7272
Thanks for you kind words, @Suz7272 and @Proudmomma412, @millalite ---> Hope you all are having fun this weekend.....and making the most with all life has to offer !!!!  
26 May 18 by member: wright2018
Beautiful color on the smoothie! I have been adding ginger for flavor and to aid digestion but I use almond milk or water so I don't know if ginger would curdle the regular milk. Hope you are having a good weekend also! 
26 May 18 by member: abbadabba
Yeap, just keep at it don’t quit n u will succeed 
26 May 18 by member: rosio19
@abbadabba, Thanks for your support....Still trying to be brave on certain items. I have had almond milk but tastes sweet to me ----Admittedly I'm finicky with meals, if items taste sweet (always been like this) I tend to like them less or not at all. Weird thing is I can eat fruits, not recently -but prior to this journey sweet snacks. I recently tried whey protein in water and the verdict is still out, takes some getting use too. Nonfat/skim milk seems to be alright at the moment, mixed in my Nutri Bullet, but I do think I might have some stomach issue of some sort as I either get bloated from time to time, or burning/acidic feel. I know other alternatives may help, its just a matter of finding what suits my taste buds. But I'm trying...... Enjoy your weekend as well.....Look forward to hearing more from ya. ;)  
26 May 18 by member: wright2018
@rosio19, Thanks for the motivation. I've seen your recent post a bit ago, that's inspiration in itself. You look fantastic! I'm trying, constantly adjusting and learning over and over again until I get it dialed in right. Can't be to far off of things though, just lacking patience ----While the clothing fitting differently should be enough for me, unfortunately it isn't. I am one who needs to physically see the changes for me to be content. So I anguish on and keep pushing !!!! No surrender, no retreat, take no prisoners attitude. Some day I get it, at least this is how I keep myself upbeat. I watch a ton of fitness/bodybuilding documentaries just for motivation, listen to my large music playlist while working out. I would like to look really fit, but not freakishly huge. Some of my relatives, and daughters friends, and their parents on occasion think I'm intimidating cause of size, but I keep telling em' I'm a huge teddy bear at heart. But don't anyone mistake my kindness for weakness. :O Trying to build up the nerve to post my picture progress and measurements perhaps---but just not sure of myself just yet.  
26 May 18 by member: wright2018
Hi Wright, enjoyed your post, I buy unsweetened almond milk which I prefer to original one for my smoothies. Gee it’s a problem when your pants keep falling down hahaha you need to do a little shopping for new pants not to many because you will only be back shopping again in a few weeks time. Keep up the good work.  
26 May 18 by member: skinnyminny54
@skinnyminny54, Thanks...Yeah, its getting pretty ridiculous having to fit into clothes and having to keep shopping. Never thought I'd lose all around weight so rapidly. I guess its a good thing though, so I shouldn't complain. As for the almond milk, I had spoke with @abbadabba, as she also uses it....I stated that it tastes sweet to me and I'm not really into the sweet tastes on certain food or dairy items.....I don't know perhaps its just me, but I can't get use to it...I do know lots of friends who drink it, they like it as well....Perhaps I'm a bit strange..... :{ This whole lifestyle change has been quite an experience thus far. Have had lots of funny, strange, down right bizarre incidents since deciding to take this adventure. Will post another one in a few minutes, it should make you laugh as well......My daughter thought the story was more creepy than anything. Will disclose details in the post. Hey, nice speaking with ya, look forward to talking more with you and hearing of your adventures as well. Surely you have some too !!! In the meantime, I keep trying new things from time to time and finding a dairy/milk alternative could be one of them. Thanks again!!!  
26 May 18 by member: wright2018
I do the same, n I follow people that have succeeded to keep me motivated.  
26 May 18 by member: rosio19
I did not posted pics until I got enough confidence to do so, watch when u least expect it u will have the confidence to post a pic 
26 May 18 by member: rosio19
Your sandwich and meal look delicious!! And pants falling off is a really good sign that what you are doing is working!! 😁 shopping is finally fun again for me...but yes it can get expensive to have to buy new clothing. You are doing so well! Keep up the good work friend! 
27 May 18 by member: momma6224


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