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The Burn More Calories Than You Eat Diet
I have developed this idea after trying this myself. I have been on this diet for around a...
High Protein / Low Fat
taken from The Zone diet
The water/low carb/low cal/ excersice diet.
I decided to combine/low carb with the low calorie concept. Plus exercise.
Visit for more information
Very Low Calorie Diet
I began the diet as the HCG diet and then when coming off HCG supplements found that I los...
Limit portions, lose weight - Low Calorie Diet

JUDDDD (Alternate Day Diet), by Dr. Johnson
Dr. Johnson's "Alternate Day Diet" book is available now. Promotes healthy lifestyle, les...
Alli Assistance!
I first did this diet three years ago when I went from a size 12 to a size 6 in about four...
Post Bariatric Surgery Diet
This is a post bariatric surgery diet guideline recommended by my surgeons office and nutr...
3 Day Diet
This diet works as a chemical breakdown. Do not vary or substitue any of the foods.

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