Grains, Pasta and Rice on sociologywoman32's own diet


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Can I have Grains, Pasta and Rice on sociologywoman32's own diet?

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Whole grain rice and oatmeal are okay during the day to help feel full and give energy. Rice is easy for the tummy to digest. Avoid for the last 1-2 meals in a day unless a long evening workout is scheduled
15 Jun 17 by member: one_two3456
I totally, 100% avoid these!!! :)
12 Jan 17 by member: Sunshine_Joni
I try to limit my intake on bread, pasta, and rice. I eat granola bars as snacks and cereal with nonfat milk. The only rice I eat is brown and jasmine rice.
25 Sep 15 by member: stephanierussell
No seconds, though
25 Jul 13 by member: WouldYouEva
I find that I must have some form of a grain every day to balance out the massive amounts of veggies and fruit I eat. I usually have that grain in the morning before my work out. Example one peice of toast or 1 packet of oatmeal. It gets me through my work out and most of the morning with out feeling starving!
05 Mar 13 by member: Jennydfrog
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