Yogurt on Fat Smash Diet, Phase 1: Detox Phase


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Can I have Yogurt on Fat Smash Diet, Phase 1: Detox Phase?

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Plain, full-fat yogurt, including greek yogurt, preferably grass-fed. Always with live active cultures.
22 Oct 15 by member: jonliz80
This is not on plan during the weight loss phase.
17 Nov 11 by member: Seramine
just started useing greek yogurt..i'll make this for Lunch sounds sooo good..and with a little crunch..
26 Jul 11 by member: Martha64
Sugar free, 0% fat ok.
19 Jul 11 by member: TheFlowerLady
The truth is, the bacteria in the yogurt eats the lactose, which is the source of carbs. It's not as high in carbs as we think it is! :D
12 Jan 11 by member: LisaStarlynn
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