Cheese on Fat Smash Diet, Phase 1: Detox Phase


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Can I have Cheese on Fat Smash Diet, Phase 1: Detox Phase?

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Non fat milk, almond milk, or soy milk are what I drink and mixed my whey protein with. I stick to light cheeses like parmesan, swiss, and skim-milk mozzarella.
25 Sep 15 by member: stephanierussell
And not in Cycle 1 at all.
14 Jul 14 by member: Lisa Kay
great recipe even with reduced fat cheddar cheese
11 Sep 13 by member: foreverhealthy3
Use low fat or fat free. Kraft and Kroger brand make cheddar and mozzarella shredded cheese, respectively.
01 Sep 13 by member: heyitsmeaudrey
3-4 oz a day of cheese. Including cream cheese.
12 Apr 13 by member: Merrywinkle
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