Fresh Fruit on Dukan Diet, Permanent Stabilization


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Can I have Fresh Fruit on Dukan Diet, Permanent Stabilization?

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You can't go wrong with bananas! They are delicious, can be added to a lot of dishes, and are extremely nutritious! A banana or two a day can make you feel happy, and it's a healthy snack.
avocado is on acceptable food list
19 Mar 14 by member: cmartin427
Eat loads. Eat melon alone. Don't combine with cooked foods or fat. Don't eat after cooked food or fat, also.
25 Nov 13 by member: ErikaPlease
berries are ok in this phase. not to be overdone, of course.
10 May 12 by member: ob2il
avoid sugar fruits like grapes, coconut
02 Feb 12 by member: eumeme
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