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Can I have Oils on Atkins, Induction Phase?

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Healthy oils for me have shown to work very well. I like organic olive oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, and sunflower oil.
16 Mar 14 by member: LovelyFitnessLady
Olive Oil is beneficial for all Blood Types. A Cancer Supper-Beneficial for A and B.
04 Jun 13 by member: bessibunny
People who say anything other than favorable, don't understand Atkins. You must have good fats every day to do Atkins. There is no reason to avoid unsaturated fats. Limit saturated fats (or avoid them if you choose) and avoid trans fats. In fact, regardless of any diet you are following, the human body requires fat.
27 Apr 13 by member: SaraWD
It's only ok to have oils when their not processed
09 Jul 12 by member: Sophia97
coconut oil, olive oil
10 Feb 12 by member: Darkmattet
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