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Can I have Water on Jenny Craig?

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Drink number of ounces equal to half your weight in pounds (e.g., wt - 218 lbs, 109 oz.)
14 Jul 17 by member: Miraculum
I should drink 10oz per height in inches.
12 Oct 16 by member: lindaorne
Definitely. I start drinking water the moment I wake up. I take my body weight, 180, divide it in half, 90, and that's how many ounces of water I strive to drink a day.
25 Sep 15 by member: stephanierussell
Lots of it every single day!
07 Apr 14 by member: Jade123870
At least 8 glasses a day! I carry around a gallon of water everyday.
02 Apr 14 by member: Kitjai26
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