Diet Features: RollyDude's own diet

How long do you need to be on this diet for? Until goal reached

What additional weekly costs are involved? Cheap

Exercise level
What exercise recommendations are there? Moderate

Eating out
Is eating out an option? In moderation

Coffee / Tea
Are caffeinated drinks permitted? Free

Is alcohol permitted? Not allowed

Preparing/Cooking Effort
What amount of effort is required? None

Knowledge Required
What amount of nutritional knowledge is required? Minimal

Nutritional Supplements Recommended/Taken
Are any other nutritional supplements taken or recommended? Multivitamins

Are you on RollyDude's own diet?

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  Why choose "RollyDude's own diet"?
 Promotes rapid weight loss
 A healthy living alternative
 Provides an energy boost
 Improves mood and outlook


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I'm aiming to get the perfect Beach Bikini Body
:) you got a smile!
by milkybunnychan on 02 Feb 13 04:24 PM
Weigh food before of after cooking?
I always do raw if I can
by liv001 on 02 Feb 13 09:15 AM
Max HR: 220 - your age (well....sort of)
Everything is sore this afternoon !!
by RollyDude on 24 Jan 13 08:46 PM
Precise stats - last 31 days 15 pounds lost.
Last 31 days exact figures (as supplied by Fa ...
by RollyDude on 20 Jan 13 03:18 PM

RollyDude's top tips

1.Set yourself a achievable goal
2.Avoid both temptation and situations that put temptation in your way
3.Don't over-exercise