Diet Features: Calorie Counting!

How long do you need to be on this diet for? Lifetime

What additional weekly costs are involved? None

Special dietary needs
Is this diet particularly suited to people with special dietary needs? Vegetarian

Exercise level
What exercise recommendations are there? Minimal

Eating out
Is eating out an option? In moderation

Coffee / Tea
Are caffeinated drinks permitted? Free

Is alcohol permitted? Not allowed

Other Resources
What other resource are available? Books

Preparing/Cooking Effort
What amount of effort is required? Some

Knowledge Required
What amount of nutritional knowledge is required? Minimal

Nutritional Supplements Recommended/Taken
Are any other nutritional supplements taken or recommended? Multivitamins

Are you on Calorie Counting!?

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  Why choose "Calorie Counting!"?
 Promotes long term weight loss
 Maintain your goal weight
 Teaches sustainable weight loss skills
 Improves mood and outlook
 Reduces the risks of diet-related diseases
 A roadmap for a healthier lifestyle


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kingbre3's top tips

1.Daily Calories are equal to your goal weight times 10. eg: goal 159 lbs x 10 = 1590 max calories per day.
2.One day at time, Don't beat yourself up if you get off track. Re-focus and get back on track. =)
3.If you bite, write it.
4.Set attainable/achieveable goals. Short term, small goals to keep you motivated. And long term, final goals to keep you focused on the end result.