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26 Aug 16 by Jorrguzman on diet Jorrguzman's own diet, gaining 9.8 lb a week Up
26 Aug 16 by Cbuddycat on diet Cbuddycat's own diet, losing 10.5 lb a week Down
26 Aug 16 by 1102GO on diet 1102GO's own diet, losing 13.3 lb a week Down
26 Aug 16 by Samiam9663 on diet Samiam9663's own diet, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
26 Aug 16 by miket51 on diet miket51's own diet, losing 12.6 lb a week Down
26 Aug 16 by Jabow on diet You: On a Diet, gaining 5.6 lb a week Up
26 Aug 16 by keepcalming on diet keepcalming's own diet, gaining 3.1 lb a week Up
26 Aug 16 by Hoffner on diet Hoffner's own diet, steady weight Steady
26 Aug 16 by FH3 on diet FH3's own diet, gaining 2.2 lb a week Up
26 Aug 16 by bob1947 on diet bob1947's own diet, gaining 31.5 lb a week Up
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5 minutes ago
You're fine. It's usually best to start it after a lifting session, but lots do it before an event. I start after ...
13 minutes ago
Thanks guys and @JMA ~ we got this and it's cool I think we are around the same weight with the same goal!
15 minutes ago
This is the link - Or you can type in wikipedia inuit diet. Also ...
21 minutes ago
Your plate is full, bless your heart! Praying that next week affords you some "me" time!
24 minutes ago
You've always been an inspiration to me. Keep up the great work!
34 minutes ago
Thanks Addie! I appreciate your prayers!
39 minutes ago
That actually sounds good. You've got to splurge ever now and again or you'll go nuts and just so you tell you ...
about an hour ago
Thank you all so much for the support and comments! I stayed with my 2 extra set routine and did not remove any ...
about an hour ago
Hey, if I had a trainer that looked like that I'd be more likely to go to the gym. Your looking great keep up ...
an hour ago
That comment was supposed to go on the alcohol discussion with ms kes above, sorry.