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10 Feb 16 by PrincessTessy on diet PrincessTessy's own diet, gaining 0.1 lb a week Up
10 Feb 16 by RebeccaCole on diet RebeccaCole's own diet, losing 0.9 lb a week Down
10 Feb 16 by 120wg on diet 120wg's own diet, losing 1.2 lb a week Down
10 Feb 16 by Elizabeth_V on diet The GI diet, losing 0.8 lb a week Down
10 Feb 16 by Samiegirlsmom on diet Samiegirlsmom's own diet, gaining 1.6 lb a week Up
10 Feb 16 by seltingm on diet seltingm's own diet, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
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8 minutes ago
When I was younger, it didn't matter to me much about the possibility of getting cancer in possibility 30 or 40 ...
13 minutes ago
Oh Vickie! No calories, no sweeteners, carbonated, and if you read the Amazon reviews it seems the people love ...
15 minutes ago
I agree 8hunter! I was curious about everyone's real life style. Cigs never curbed my appetite, but I'd rather ...
17 minutes ago
The longest fast Mahatma Gandhi did was 21 days, and he was doing it for religion. He didn't even die from a weak ...
23 minutes ago
cigs dont curb anything for me... I'd eat then go have a smoke. I'm still struggling with quitting. I smoked for ...
about an hour ago
South Florida, USA
an hour ago
I've never been skinny in my life and more thank likely never will be lol I've got horses so I have muscles where ...
an hour ago
As one of those annoying skinny people who (hopefully infrequently) complain about their weight, I'll let you in ...
an hour ago
Thanks everyone!
2 hours ago
SGP your food log looks like you should be losing big time...even your carbs are low...just hang in there it has ...