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91 to 100 of 100
29 Aug 14 by Jlb650 on diet Medifast
29 Aug 14 by PinkRose88 on diet Calorie Count, steady weight Steady
29 Aug 14 by Zipp1 on diet Zipp1's own diet, losing 1.4 lb a week Down
29 Aug 14 by haesel on diet haesel's own diet, losing 1.2 lb a week Down
29 Aug 14 by LadyBea40 on diet LadyBea40's own diet, losing 1.4 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
Depending on the server... check your spam and trash folders.
2 minutes ago
I never get an email! How do you set it up?
12 minutes ago
Hot dogs and deli meats also can contain a certain percentage of things like hair according to FDA regs.
19 minutes ago
I soooo know what you mean. Were you alone when eating the said wraps?
33 minutes ago
You might want to try and focus on fat loss and not just weight loss. Fat loss makes you leaner and smaller in ...
34 minutes ago
Good on yea, you are inspiring me ! looking forward to being at your current weight, hope I have your determin ...
39 minutes ago
Because you look good in that picture off course.
about an hour ago
Thanks Snezica, I can understand that about beards and mustaches no worries, Why would I get many buddy requests?
about an hour ago
They don't list weights on licenses in my state, but if I recall correctly, my goal weight is what I told them ...
about an hour ago
You can fast for 48 hours without a negative impact on your metabolism. Enjoy your victory :-)