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81 to 90 of 100
07 Feb 16 by billtech66 on diet billtech66's own diet, losing 0.8 lb a week Down
07 Feb 16 by gangazumba on diet gangazumba's own diet, losing 5.8 lb a week Down
07 Feb 16 by brendas1957 on diet Atkins
07 Feb 16 by northernmusician on diet northernmusician's own diet, gaining 1.8 lb a week Up
07 Feb 16 by Tracy Blanton on diet Tracy Blanton's own diet, losing 4.0 lb a week Down
07 Feb 16 by pawhite61 on diet pawhite61's own diet, steady weight Steady
07 Feb 16 by blkbear on diet Atkins, steady weight Steady
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a minute ago
Thank you for all the info, fairly new to HFLC. Started with Bulletproof at the beginning of January. This info ...
8 minutes ago
oh the "where is the old you at has happened to you's still me...I just feel better and more happier ...
15 minutes ago
Ohhhh...what did you buy? More weights? A pulley weight? a dog toy?
by HCB
19 minutes ago
Home safe. All good. Bought a new toy. :)
22 minutes ago
honey is not low carb. ive had some every now and then tho.
about an hour ago
Great motto
an hour ago
#Broncos #Manning here:)
an hour ago
ooooooOOOOOOooooooooo I love love love my crock pot. I cook so much in that thing... another thing is a rice ...
an hour ago
Thank you for posting this!
an hour ago
If you are tired of eggs, try a omelet with veggies. tomatoes onions mushrooms cheese black olives, little a ...