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31 Jul 14 by SELouisiana on diet Calorie Count, gaining 3.5 lb a week Up
31 Jul 14 by mrsmole on diet mrsmole's own diet, losing 4.2 lb a week Down
30 Jul 14 by rileco on diet rileco's own diet, losing 5.8 lb a week Down
31 Jul 14 by tmaggie84 on diet Atkins
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5 minutes ago
Good Job, fast food is always going to be waaay too much calories and fat.
20 minutes ago
22 minutes ago
Feels like we have been at this forever huh lol Good luck !! I always forget about getting on here.
35 minutes ago
thank you, both of you <3 :) yeah well I fell asleep while watching bones with my friends and woke up after 3 ...
39 minutes ago
about an hour ago
So it's not only me that food calls to. I swear I can almost hear it saying my name sometimes... :-)
about an hour ago
I love those big jumps early on... they smell like success and that is a good scent to follow! Keep it up! :D
about an hour ago
Interesting info. Most of the books I have come with the standard recommendation of three days a week of strength ...
an hour ago
Your new name is Winning! Great job at your loss.
an hour ago
You can do it. I too started at 340 in January 2012 (joined FS in June 2012 at 325). This place has been a great ...