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04 Aug 15 by DanielHGG on diet DanielHGG's own diet, losing 7.7 lb a week Down
04 Aug 15 by Diggy on diet Diggy's own diet
04 Aug 15 by jgmany on diet jgmany's own diet
04 Aug 15 by Gurlygurl on diet Gurlygurl's own diet, gaining 1.8 lb a week Up
04 Aug 15 by cfmain2 on diet Atkins, gaining 7.0 lb a week Up
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22 minutes ago
Thanks all. We all know it's just a matter of reset. Being on FS means being mindful and making reset more pro ...
about an hour ago
It went great. It's a dark reddish brown with lots of highlights. Thanks for asking Heidi.
an hour ago
The key is limiting myself to 14 chips... at about 1c40 cals... I usually eat double that!
an hour ago
Thanks guys. I guess I am just wishing I could lose as quick as my husband. But I know men lose faster than w ...
an hour ago
42 years is quite impressive! Enjoy your anniversary with your beautiful wife.
an hour ago
I may or may not have had 2 frozen double stuf Oreos for breakfast Sunday.
an hour ago
Sounds delish!
an hour ago
an hour ago
northernmusician or better yet I will eat 1 portion, 3 cookies. An hour later. Wow I wonder who ate that entire ...
2 hours ago
Good job! Gotta start somewhere!