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03 Aug 15 by Scout1idf on diet Scout1idf's own diet, losing 8.4 lb a week Down
03 Aug 15 by madanjen on diet madanjen's own diet, gaining 10.5 lb a week Up
03 Aug 15 by ShelleyDawn on diet ShelleyDawn's own diet, gaining 0.0 lb a week Up
03 Aug 15 by redgirl1974 on diet Atkins, losing 2.0 lb a week Down
03 Aug 15 by Toobz2chat247 on diet Toobz2chat247's own diet, gaining 0.6 lb a week Up
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3 minutes ago
Nichol, peanut butter balls? they are yummy treats, healthy and you can make the gluten free.
21 minutes ago
Hi there - I sent you a private message!
by HCB
33 minutes ago
Thank you for your support! The thing is that I don't actually like exercising. I've never been to the gym in my ...
40 minutes ago
give self time over loss of husband of 44 incredible loss....there is lots of love and support on this ...
42 minutes ago
But look, you worked your plan AND you got the majority of your calories mid day which is better than eating them ...
44 minutes ago
Glad you are back!
about an hour ago
Great idea .... Why didn't I think of that?
by glen
an hour ago
I do drink a lot of water. I pee all day and sometimes all night, or at least it seems that way when I have to ...
an hour ago
Sharing and the support that is returned is the best part of this site. The tracking tools are awesome as well, ...
an hour ago
When I eat a veggies-only salad I like to squeeze fresh lemon juice on top and then sprinkle Truvia on top of ...