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29 Mar 15 by srajan on diet Isagenix Cleanse and Fat Burning Program, gaining 0.1 lb a week Up
29 Mar 15 by Cherry314 on diet Cherry314's own diet, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
29 Mar 15 by kaysilke on diet kaysilke's own diet, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
29 Mar 15 by durkesp on diet durkesp's own diet, losing 3.2 lb a week Down
29 Mar 15 by cmil333 on diet cmil333's own diet, losing 0.8 lb a week Down
29 Mar 15 by Andij2 on diet Andij2's own diet, losing 4.1 lb a week Down
29 Mar 15 by Madelein Bosch on diet Madelein Bosch's own diet, losing 2.4 lb a week Down
29 Mar 15 by jimoshea on diet jimoshea's own diet, gaining 0.8 lb a week Up
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10 minutes ago
Google Fat Head pizza crust. This is the way I make pizza now. My son and I prefer it to regular pizza now. ...
11 minutes ago
I've never heard of it, but I just looked it up and it seems to be good. Congrats on your weight loss! I need to ...
26 minutes ago
I have not yet conquered the pizza challenge. I love it. I will completely adjust my eating for the day to a ...
27 minutes ago
That sounds like a good plan Jillzee00. I guess it's all about planning ahead and making sure that you don't ...
31 minutes ago
I weigh in when I feel as if I've lost. I know that makes no sense, but that's the way I do it.
39 minutes ago
I like Friday mornings, that way if I mess up on the weekend, it won't show on the scale ;)
42 minutes ago
Personally, I like to weigh in on Monday and again on Friday or Saturday. But, that is because I tend to have ...
about an hour ago
Yep, I have a cat. He's also my ESA (emotional support animal). I have a letter from a doctor on it as well. The ...
about an hour ago
Thanks for all your support everyone. I am trying hard and am having success!!! :) I wish you all success in your ...
an hour ago
Lol. Wow, that's awesome, HCB. I'll try to keep all that in mind... looks like I did Deadlifts wrong, although ...