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20 Aug 14 by marissastewart on diet marissastewart's own diet, gaining 1.1 lb a week Up
20 Aug 14 by Callipyg on diet Callipyg's own diet, steady weight Steady
20 Aug 14 by margaretchicago on diet margaretchicago's own diet, steady weight Steady
20 Aug 14 by lsfightbak on diet lsfightbak's own diet, gaining 0.6 lb a week Up
20 Aug 14 by mgrill on diet mgrill's own diet
20 Aug 14 by paskwali on diet The Less Crappy Diet, losing 4.9 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
Great job!
2 minutes ago
I'm back. I'm right there with you. It's so discouraging. But, just think where we might be if we just gave up! ...
12 minutes ago
Grateful for all this encouragement. Lovely way to share my day. Keep comin back, ok?
16 minutes ago
That is wonderful! I hope that sparks stays for a while, congrats!
18 minutes ago
congrats to you you go girl you got this
20 minutes ago
YES!! I am SO happy! I gave it my all this week, I hope I can keep it up! I have hypothyroidism, so that weight ...
33 minutes ago
Sounds you have a plan that really works for you -- awesome! xoxox
by Ruhu
35 minutes ago
I was bound and determined to continue my education when I was a divorced mother of three, and started out and ...
45 minutes ago
Congrats and yes, you can go finish your AA and then decide what to do. I did it raising 2 kids on my own (absent ...
about an hour ago
what proteins do not have fats? tuna out of the can? fage 0% chicken breast my ratios are all off today!