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24 Jul 14 by naanyu on diet naanyu's own diet, losing 1.0 lb a week Down
24 Jul 14 by jdc654 on diet jdc654's own diet, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
24 Jul 14 by sickert08 on diet Calorie Count, losing 0.3 lb a week Down
24 Jul 14 by stellacyd on diet stellacyd's own diet, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
24 Jul 14 by MightyFull on diet Calorie Count, steady weight Steady
24 Jul 14 by buckwheaton on diet buckwheaton's own diet, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
24 Jul 14 by aubreymab on diet aubreymab's own diet, losing 0.8 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
Excellent suggestion from Yolanda. After recovering from surgery (not bariatric) in the past, I found that I felt ...
10 minutes ago
Great loss
12 minutes ago
Welcome and good luck!
17 minutes ago
Enjoy your walk but know your limitations. With little fuel consumption and recovering from your procedure you ...
20 minutes ago
Green beans and tomatoes are really not much. Add some protein (cottage cheese, chicken, steak) and make it a meal ...
23 minutes ago
Ahhh just found it, it's called a Body Fat Loss Monitor...
27 minutes ago
Great! :)
28 minutes ago
Remember that BMI is an average measurement. The average individual does not have 15% body fat.... If you had ...
29 minutes ago
Thanks to everyone who has commented so far. I really appreciate the kind words. If it wasn't for all the support ...
36 minutes ago
snacks for a quick grab and go (nuts in individual container prepacked in ziplocs), a yogurt and a plastic spoon, ...