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28 Jul 14 by Instantcrazy on diet MIT Carson Chow, steady weight Steady
27 Jul 14 by Heyzoos on diet Heyzoos's own diet, gaining 1.1 lb a week Up
26 Jul 14 by Heyzoos on diet Heyzoos's own diet
28 Jul 14 by makeupfetish09 on diet Eat Clean by Tosca Reno, losing 2.8 lb a week Down
28 Jul 14 by LMJ114 on diet Weight Watchers, losing 2.0 lb a week Down
28 Jul 14 by JillScates on diet JillScates's own diet, losing 14.0 lb a week Down
28 Jul 14 by AmazingVanish on diet AmazingVanish's own diet, gaining 3.5 lb a week Up
28 Jul 14 by farmerblue on diet farmerblue's own diet, gaining 8.4 lb a week Up
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a minute ago
You realize how much of a child you still are when you get to the Under Armour page featuring men's leggings. Then ...
3 minutes ago
That's always a great feeling! Congrats!
4 minutes ago
Thanks guys :-)
5 minutes ago
Mine is commuting by bicycle. It's easy to jump in the car, not so much when it comes to the bike.
9 minutes ago
NM... actually not as good as it looks. I've not been exercising that much. Maybe 2-3/week. Old body. Thanks ...
20 minutes ago
Weight fluctuates a lot during the day. Unless you are weighing yourself consistently at the same time, I wouldn't ...
21 minutes ago
Those pesky carbs can sneak up on you. Don't let it get you down. Keep up the good work!
24 minutes ago
It was a last minute decision based on room availablity :) I did get to sit in the hot tub for about 30 minutes ...
25 minutes ago
That sounds like you have a hobbit in there.....hopefully not....PS Under Armour just added a whole bunch of stuff ...
27 minutes ago
Your tips are pretty great!