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03 May 16 by Sarah Bru on diet Calorie Count, losing 1.4 lb a week Down
03 May 16 by n3aws on diet n3aws's own diet, losing 0.5 lb a week Down
03 May 16 by nettiejean on diet nettiejean's own diet, gaining 1.0 lb a week Up
03 May 16 by wyolady on diet wyolady's own diet, losing 2.7 lb a week Down
03 May 16 by SistahSexy on diet Simeon's Protocol (HCG), losing 5.3 lb a week Down
03 May 16 by herrhoff on diet herrhoff's own diet, steady weight Steady
03 May 16 by northernmusician on diet northernmusician's own diet, gaining 2.8 lb a week Up
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2 minutes ago
Sorry about the struggles with the site ..... Have a great day buddy!
by glen
3 minutes ago
Good job!!
4 minutes ago
The issue with others making comments of your weight loss is how often they see you and how much they pay atte ...
7 minutes ago
I love to plan and replan and then plan some more.. good for you ! muffin under the bridge ( you know like water ...
7 minutes ago
Thanks! Can't stop; won't stop!
8 minutes ago
Don't let my wife find out, Warren. Or my daughter. I never realized how wrong I could be until I got in an ar ...
10 minutes ago 68 lbs. you are doing great. Keep up the good work.
13 minutes ago
Hang in there. Bad days will past. Keep your head up and be proud of yourself! !!! You got this.
19 minutes ago
Thank you .. and again i lost sll of those extra kilos. Now 4.7 kg to go 💪
19 minutes ago
Thank y'all!!!