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22 Mar 17 by Deborahg382 on diet LCHF: Low carb, High fat / Ketogenic Diet, losing 5.6 lb a week Down
22 Mar 17 by Suzikfitgirl97 on diet Suzikfitgirl97's own diet, losing 6.6 lb a week Down
22 Mar 17 by allyrawr92 on diet allyrawr92's own diet, steady weight Steady
22 Mar 17 by Svzharikova on diet Svzharikova's own diet, gaining 9.3 lb a week Up
22 Mar 17 by thethe on diet thethe's own diet
22 Mar 17 by Sri Reddy on diet low calorie diet
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5 minutes ago
Opps, I apologize to everyone and anyone I may have offended. Thanks for setting me straight. I didn't have a ...
9 minutes ago
I sure hope all these Drs can put their heads together and help you reach your goals. You are doing an amazing ...
10 minutes ago
Thank you. Kpwcalories I used photogrid, and an image from Fatsecret. Cropped and spliced together.
12 minutes ago
No...I do all categories in a circuit. I little easier....but not much. For the burpees, I only do 10 at a time.
17 minutes ago
Wow - 20 miles the first day? Very nice - I would not be able to do 20 right now - different muscles than I have ...
by HCB
41 minutes ago
Phil- Can I ask a personal question? How did your skin recover from such a dramatic weight loss? I'm sure that's ...
an hour ago
You know it's right if it brings true joy!
an hour ago
Keep up the good work.
an hour ago
you continue to be an inspiration for me! you're doing awesome
an hour ago
Thanks again, and I do feel pretty good except at the end of the day when I'm exhausted from daddy duty. lol