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26 Oct 16 by alwayshopeful19 on diet alwayshopeful19's own diet, gaining 1.4 lb a week Up
26 Oct 16 by BigC1972 on diet Atkins, gaining 2.8 lb a week Up
26 Oct 16 by sonnymac on diet sonnymac's own diet, gaining 18.2 lb a week Up
26 Oct 16 by billtech66 on diet billtech66's own diet, losing 2.1 lb a week Down
26 Oct 16 by Olana19 on diet Olana19's own diet
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6 minutes ago
I couldn't of said it better than you just did!!!! Right ON point!!! Excuses=no results.
6 minutes ago
Lol Rhontique! I think that's a very likely theory. He's definitely the kind of guy that refuses to ask for help.
6 minutes ago
I support your efforts. Keep it going.
8 minutes ago
 Good job there, and congratulations on that! 
14 minutes ago
Thanks HCB, Sue, Rose, and Matt. @Matt - You really don't want to binge b/c your hunger is pretty shut down after ...
21 minutes ago
It was really good, and a nice change :)
21 minutes ago
Lol. You should probably post it once a week.