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04 May 15 by Rhomorse on diet Rhomorse's own diet, gaining 0.5 lb a week Up
04 May 15 by Dobyos on diet Dobyos's own diet, losing 3.4 lb a week Down
04 May 15 by Joekoz on diet Joekoz's own diet, gaining 7.9 lb a week Up
04 May 15 by RachelBaller on diet RachelBaller's own diet, gaining 0.0 lb a week Up
04 May 15 by smbsmb on diet smbsmb's own diet, gaining 1.2 lb a week Up
04 May 15 by Ednil on diet Ednil's own diet, gaining 9.1 lb a week Up
04 May 15 by laurieslife on diet Blc, losing 2.0 lb a week Down
04 May 15 by JillyJargon on diet JillyJargon's own diet, losing 4.0 lb a week Down
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2 minutes ago
I agree with HCB. Even when I don't want to, I put everything I eat in my food diary. It is a great way to stay ...
6 minutes ago
Oh, do I know what a little rain water will do to those bags. And I'll bet you are sore! But if you are like me, ...
6 minutes ago
Don't compare the past losses with now. So many things effect our rate of weight loss. As we get older, it can ...
6 minutes ago
Anything with weights. Increase the wieghts or reps as you adapt to the one you are doing. It could be lifting, ...
25 minutes ago
Love climbing this mountain with you friend! Even if we are mortal enemies for one day a year! LOL!!
34 minutes ago
36 minutes ago
Great work restraining!
by HCB
38 minutes ago
Scout don't sweat the small stuff my friend. I weight everyday and yes some days are up some are down very fru ...
43 minutes ago
No time like the present to get back at it. Keep climbing!
44 minutes ago
Cheer up ! Little by little ! Don't see the scale ! Yea I know sometimes isn't easy .