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19 Oct 16 by ByeFitlisha on diet Calorie Count
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a minute ago
I did used to model back when I was thin...
5 minutes ago
Почти как Джордж Вашингтон 🇺🇸
27 minutes ago
Very nice Veggie!!!! Ref:weather!!!!
32 minutes ago
@Maine coon, the weather is really great. The high today was 63 and NO humidity :)
34 minutes ago
sold our house three years ago, went from constant excercise and always walking to 3 years of sitting in a small ...
37 minutes ago
hmmm... I'm not sure, Motherface.... I don't track food here, I use other sites for that. But I'm sure many others ...
about an hour ago
Delay is the tactic I use, too. Get busy with something and forget about the wanting, because that's all it is, ...
about an hour ago
Inspiring! Congrats!
about an hour ago
LOL.. Gwen, tomorrow hoping it will start. PG. I feel the same. MMMM..I can cook even if I live alone I ...
an hour ago
Ok so I am too dang hungry to go 36 hours. On the plus side I went 24 without even bone broth. I think if I had ...