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27 Jan 15 by zalman1949 on diet zalman1949's own diet, gaining 3.5 lb a week Up
27 Jan 15 by SaintViper on diet SaintViper's own diet, gaining 1.4 lb a week Up
27 Jan 15 by Eva_D2 on diet Eva_D2's own diet
27 Jan 15 by Synda101 on diet Atkins, losing 3.5 lb a week Down
27 Jan 15 by Coopwill on diet Coopwill's own diet, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
27 Jan 15 by japsr1176 on diet japsr1176's own diet, losing 2.8 lb a week Down
27 Jan 15 by zest7 on diet zest7's own diet, gaining 7.7 lb a week Up
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a minute ago
It's great that you are feeling better, it will not always be like that but you will eventually get back compl ...
a minute ago
Glad that things are going well, keep it up and have a great week also.
6 minutes ago
During Christmas someone dropped a huge metal tin of chocolate covered cookies. It was the "good" chocolate. ...
by glen
14 minutes ago
Pizza crazy sounds awesome.
19 minutes ago
Sometimes the most important thing we can do for ourselves is to simply "re-charge our bodies" so that we are ...
21 minutes ago
Woohoo! ByeBye Bloat!
25 minutes ago
Driving on ice is a great booty workout for me, because I literally stay tensed the whole time I'm in the car. ...
41 minutes ago
I joined the challenge thanks so much for the support butterfly I gained weight it was the combination of a Lupus ...