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23 Jul 17 by marcusching98 on diet marcusching98's own diet, gaining 3.1 lb a week Up
22 Jul 17 by MedMil on diet MedMil's own diet
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14 minutes ago
I found it T-Moe, after re-reading you post, it has the name of the pizza crust in it. Thanks!!!!
20 minutes ago
It must be the sun or the moon, the heat or the cold - my scale is going nuts as well. But eventually it will not ...
27 minutes ago
I started also. it's Saturday evening here in New York. I'm already into my 11th hour. Sorry, couldn't wait. If ...
29 minutes ago
But the little plastic stands are pure fiber 😆
31 minutes ago
I do not know about super hungry. I am on Keto...and don't know if that is what you are shooting for (ketosis) ...
33 minutes ago
Harden not garden. Same you auto correct!
34 minutes ago
Right there with you! Did really good the first 12 or so day, then I got lazy. I can't let myself get lazy, ...