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24 Oct 14 by Axevus Star on diet Axevus Star's own diet, steady weight Steady
25 Oct 14 by GSink on diet GSink's own diet, losing 2.6 lb a week Down
24 Oct 14 by skwhite on diet skwhite's own diet
25 Oct 14 by Poofie on diet Poofie's own diet, losing 0.4 lb a week Down
25 Oct 14 by ReannaNasrina on diet low calorie diet, losing 4.4 lb a week Down
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9 minutes ago
Thanks for the info Chris. Seems its like other "experts" that do the articles on food. Depends on how they ...
9 minutes ago
Ok...there you go..working the weight off. J
about an hour ago
I learned most of my cooking skills from youtube. It is a strangely valuable resource for those sorts of things.
an hour ago
wholefoodnut, I have a Monster green power strip with a surge protector that turns off all my standby home ent ...
2 hours ago
Glad she is safe as is other children. I wonder what type of mind altering drug this kid was on. In most cases ...
2 hours ago
Praying Deb Please sleep well tonight......... you'll be in my prayersand in my heart tomorrow Lord Jesus go b ...
2 hours ago
It's slow going for a while. Doing the exercising more for the blood flow and circulation then benefits for tr ...
2 hours ago
Woohoo! Hoop on!!! I know....processed foods:/ (don't care for rice)
3 hours ago
People died in a school shooting in Marysville WA school today and we had a lockdown today too. We had a shooting ...
3 hours ago
With all that walking you have been doing I can see why!