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22 Oct 14 by PeeJay328 on diet Weight Watchers, gaining 1.0 lb a week Up
22 Oct 14 by UniqueN on diet UniqueN's own diet
22 Oct 14 by MightyFull on diet Calorie Count
22 Oct 14 by sylvialgarcia on diet sylvialgarcia's own diet, gaining 3.7 lb a week Up
22 Oct 14 by TAIC69 on diet Calorie Count, gaining 1.9 lb a week Up
22 Oct 14 by Janice M W on diet Janice M W's own diet, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
22 Oct 14 by Draglist on diet MIT Carson Chow
22 Oct 14 by myawethinTICself on diet MY WAY
22 Oct 14 by Hermiones Mom on diet The GI diet
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a minute ago
I learned most of my Spanish working in restaurants, and from signs printed in both English and Spanish, and S ...
17 minutes ago
Women's shelters always need help, I now donate mine to the salvation army. Most of the so called charity thrift ...
19 minutes ago
Hi Deb, i agree, portion distortion is my problem too. I'm working on weighing and measuring so that some day ...
41 minutes ago
Do you have a women's shelter near where you live? They would love the donation!
43 minutes ago
Way to GO!!!! You are AWESOME!! Kick his BUTT!!
about an hour ago
Thanks, Breco.
about an hour ago
Thanks KaySea, you are the 3rd person to mention it :)
about an hour ago
Just stay focused, this too shall pass.
about an hour ago
I dream about being able to shop in the "normal" section of any clothes store...
an hour ago
whoops, the rest of that link is opics(slash)show(slash)761810-the-starvation-mode-myth-again (hate how FS cuts ...