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10 Jul 14 by Bigunn52 on diet Bigunn52's own diet, losing 7.4 lb a week Down
10 Jul 14 by KKApocalypse on diet KKApocalypse's own diet, losing 0.0 lb a week Down
10 Jul 14 by OkieRover on diet OkieRover's own diet, gaining 1.5 lb a week Up
10 Jul 14 by angel381 on diet angel381's own diet, losing 3.6 lb a week Down
10 Jul 14 by mchughj41 on diet mchughj41's own diet, losing 0.9 lb a week Down
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3 minutes ago
If chips & donuts get you a front row.... does adding vodka get you a balcony seat? If so, count me in.
3 minutes ago
Congrats...I am just getting really started so I am hoping that the weight falls off in the beginning like eve ...
9 minutes ago
Happy Birthday!
28 minutes ago
Great dedication Jen! You're doing wonderfully!
38 minutes ago
Drink some Gatorade & eat some bananas, usually an electrolyte imbalance will lead to cramps. Rest up and kick ...
about an hour ago
I gotta wonder if you'll have callouses on your but by the end. You'll definitely have one of the toughest butts ...
about an hour ago
Wow, that is an awesome job! Keep it up :)
about an hour ago
Great news!! I'm so happy for you! Keep up the super work!
an hour ago
Yes it does!! Keep up that great work!! I know it took a while for me to put the weight on, so conversely, it will ...