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24 Apr 14 by Sadiekitty on diet Sadiekitty's own diet, gaining 3.5 lb a week Up
24 Apr 14 by pm9ses on diet pm9ses's own diet, losing 0.1 lb a week Down
24 Apr 14 by fle57 on diet fle57's own diet, gaining 0.2 lb a week Up
24 Apr 14 by ShronB on diet ShronB's own diet
24 Apr 14 by jjhagen122 on diet jjhagen122's own diet, steady weight Steady
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a minute ago
Not kidney stones for sure. It is higher on the back just under the bra line. Kidney stones would be lower but ...
a minute ago
LOL--hey, counter the little lawyer with, "SINCE I've taken away the iPod you've gotten all of these 'good jobs.' ...
7 minutes ago
The burgers are delicious but maybe that thin crust pizza next week so I can lose another 2 pounds! Lol.
11 minutes ago
As soon as my Dr. gets back I'm going to let him know. He tried to tell me that those BMI charts are not accurate ...
18 minutes ago
I stalled on the exact same weight for 18 straight days! But finally I am losing again. Stay the course
26 minutes ago
Good luck!! I agree with CalynLZ, it doesn't matter which diet you follow, tracking helps a lot. Just be honest ...
26 minutes ago
Stay strong and don't let the little monster get to you. They do eventually get better... Being pregnant and ...
31 minutes ago
Thank you so much.
31 minutes ago
Great job passing on the cake! I probably would have used the extra umph in my workout to justify that I deserved ...
32 minutes ago
Yes you can do it!