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01 Jul 16 by Cutie on diet P90X - Nutrition Plan, gaining 1.0 lb a week Up
01 Jul 16 by ammazzaferro1 on diet ammazzaferro1's own diet, losing 5.9 lb a week Down
01 Jul 16 by Mickey Evans on diet Mickey Evans's own diet, losing 3.6 lb a week Down
01 Jul 16 by jimoshea on diet jimoshea's own diet, gaining 2.2 lb a week Up
01 Jul 16 by mattstoc on diet mattstoc's own diet, gaining 2.1 lb a week Up
01 Jul 16 by northernmusician on diet northernmusician's own diet, gaining 1.7 lb a week Up
01 Jul 16 by Cjs new life on diet Cjs new life's own diet, losing 0.0 lb a week Down
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4 minutes ago
The TRUTH will set you free! GREAT WORDS!
13 minutes ago
Well the Challenge isn't for another 8 hours so if you feel you need to then you can eat more. Call it pre prep. ...
13 minutes ago
Ditto HCB, for me I'm happy where I'm at but am still looking to shave a few pounds of fat over the next few m ...
16 minutes ago
Thanks Warrenwinter, Steven Lloyd, IamLinny, Draglist, Knuckles the mgtow monk, & HCB. Just had my meal for today, ...
19 minutes ago
Sounds like a beautiful wedding!
by HCB
21 minutes ago
thank you steven! I couldn't do 55 mins today bit I still got on that thing! thank you linny! hope you all have ...
27 minutes ago
Go you!
37 minutes ago
What a wonderful community! When I first started reading the journals I felt I was too old to fit in and cert ...
39 minutes ago
I'm picking some up when my wife gets home from work. I've never seen it in a gallon size before, they sell a ...
42 minutes ago