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21 Aug 14 by dalechipsterh on diet dalechipsterh's own diet, losing 0.4 lb a week Down
21 Aug 14 by jenalena on diet Calorie Count
21 Aug 14 by toolmannc1 on diet toolmannc1's own diet, losing 4.6 lb a week Down
21 Aug 14 by rose brauning on diet HCG Phases, gaining 0.3 lb a week Up
21 Aug 14 by Callipyg on diet Callipyg's own diet, steady weight Steady
21 Aug 14 by yams on diet yams's own diet
21 Aug 14 by jegfire on diet jegfire's own diet, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
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a minute ago
Christy, I feel like I am reading my own dialog. I, too, started running about a year ago to help with weight loss ...
2 minutes ago
Wow busy days I love em
5 minutes ago
Don't you just hate that? They could have made some devil eggs at least. But glad you had a great time.
6 minutes ago
If you wish, after the first two weeks you can add berries and melon, then other fruits and legumes gradually. ...
14 minutes ago
Happy Birthday! Interesting if you do have a dairy intolerance. May not be lactose, could be the milk solids ...
25 minutes ago
Have a great run!
33 minutes ago
I'm glad that you were able to avoid that truck, cursing in that situation is allowed ;-)
37 minutes ago
Me too! boy I really struggled yesterday with keeping out of the blackberry cobbler. I did pretty good and then ...
39 minutes ago
Thanks for the incentive! Way to go!
about an hour ago
I was going to say, I'm always ravenous before my cycle. I think it's the body's way of preparing for burning up ...