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07 Oct 15 by Phantom44 on diet Calorie Count, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
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3 minutes ago
6 minutes ago
Just humorous Sugar... you can find a study that will show you ANYTHING you want to believe in... LOL
10 minutes ago
Ditto what Alphamares said!
16 minutes ago
Yes, and no, Jim. "The swim current is generated by a 16" propeller inside a protective acrylic case that is d ...
16 minutes ago
Any time you take an antibiotic (penicillin, tetracycline, any of them) you can gain weight. It's one of the r ...
20 minutes ago
I hope you have a good night's sleep tonight. :)
24 minutes ago
I really don't know because when I have a day off or the weekend those are toughest times
26 minutes ago
Endless pool, is that one of those pools with water jets so you can swim but stay stationary? Hope your wife ...