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31 Oct 14 by bbosch30 on diet Atkins, losing 2.2 lb a week Down
31 Oct 14 by wedo56 on diet wedo56's own diet, losing 1.8 lb a week Down
31 Oct 14 by LadyGoblyn on diet LadyGoblyn's own diet, gaining 0.8 lb a week Up
30 Oct 14 by tokh on diet tokh's own diet
31 Oct 14 by helenfrus on diet The GI diet, losing 3.9 lb a week Down
30 Oct 14 by D.Jules on diet D.Jules's own diet, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
31 Oct 14 by Marty70 on diet Marty70's own diet
30 Oct 14 by PattiUnleashed on diet Atkins
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15 minutes ago
What kind of scale are you using?
35 minutes ago
The little losses always count, cause they're what helps make the big losses. You are doing such a good job. C ...
35 minutes ago
;) couldn't agree more myawethinTICself!
38 minutes ago
Bon chance, mes ami.
an hour ago
Thanks <3
an hour ago
Yeah, I'm sorry. I cannot do all the typing that your nickname requires!
an hour ago
Thanks again Bill. :) I have been reading about IIFYM but still can't seem to understand what it's saying.I wasn't ...
2 hours ago
Praying for ya..don't give up
2 hours ago
thank you. I'm getting used to this site. I didn't even know my journal notes were "public", LOL. Good thing ...
2 hours ago
That was always hard for me too. I just do not buy the foods that I got myself into trouble with. I do treat ...