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23 Oct 16 by Svzharikova on diet Svzharikova's own diet, steady weight Steady
22 Oct 16 by Rose Thompson3006 on diet Rose Thompson3006's own diet, gaining 2.9 lb a week Up
22 Oct 16 by warrenwinter on diet warrenwinter's own diet, steady weight Steady
23 Oct 16 by spillar on diet spillar's own diet, gaining 0.5 lb a week Up
23 Oct 16 by tamaifamily8153 on diet tamaifamily8153's own diet, gaining 9.3 lb a week Up
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Recent Comments

28 minutes ago
Good job Warren!!! Thanks for the update, been thinking of you for days :-)
29 minutes ago
Thanks all! Glad it's over, and glad I'm out!
35 minutes ago
Lol about butternut squash!!! Homemade Roasted Pear and Butternut Squash soup is my life! Need to make a new batch ...
about an hour ago
I agree with ya Pickles about the fact that most overweight folks are overweight because they eat too much and ...
an hour ago
Ok so I overate the nuts. Haven't logged it yet. I wanted the through it.
an hour ago
Florida, I could never see myself encouraging anyone to eat a McDonald's Burger. I don't have regular tv, so I ...
an hour ago
That's great! I'm glad you got through it and that you realize how much more you are than just the sum of you ...
an hour ago
Everything is bass ackwards. My roommate is ballooning up right in front of my eyes, eating ice cream every night, ...
an hour ago
Sugar is our drug.... And very hard to say no....
2 hours ago
Hope you feel better soon!