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28 Mar 15 by Ybu on diet Ybu's own diet
28 Mar 15 by Verlana on diet Verlana's own diet, steady weight Steady
28 Mar 15 by Bigunn52 on diet Bigunn52's own diet, losing 3.3 lb a week Down
28 Mar 15 by Dm1sanders on diet Weight Watchers
28 Mar 15 by skydiverjim on diet You: On a Diet, gaining 1.8 lb a week Up
28 Mar 15 by tamariskmills on diet tamariskmills's own diet, steady weight Steady
28 Mar 15 by LambiePi on diet Atkins, losing 2.3 lb a week Down
28 Mar 15 by khisanthax on diet khisanthax's own diet, losing 1.8 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
it doesnt matter when the craving come, just measure your heart rate the moment you get up in the morning (*your ...
5 minutes ago
Bah! There are other challenges. You've been dealing with greater challenges in life lately that likely have been ...
11 minutes ago
If you're a smart Bostonian, The Yankees! LOL
20 minutes ago
Cauliflower crust? I must Google that.. sounds delicious. I'm always amazed at the things that can be done with ...
about an hour ago
'At your age it is now or never?' lol it is a never ending battle. I have been fighting this war ever since I got ...
about an hour ago
Sending Healing energy for Harley. How old is Harley? Trust me, I know how much I love my kids (and my kids I ...
about an hour ago
Congratulations! Next you know you'll be in the 150s range! :D
about an hour ago
I think I'm going to call it "Hard is NOT Impossible"
about an hour ago
Don't dwell on it too much. I find that logging everything I eat helps me alot.hang on its a slow journey but ...
an hour ago
Harley has held up pretty well through the night and is resting at the moment (after a light breakfast and then ...