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29 Aug 14 by Bigunn52 on diet Bigunn52's own diet, gaining 3.4 lb a week Up
29 Aug 14 by Toyaku on diet Toyaku's own diet, losing 6.6 lb a week Down
29 Aug 14 by wedo56 on diet wedo56's own diet, losing 4.9 lb a week Down
29 Aug 14 by AranLift on diet AranLift's own diet, losing 2.8 lb a week Down
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4 minutes ago
Try to relax while they are gone. After all, it's vacation time. :)
25 minutes ago
Condolences to You and Yours about Your Cousin!!! @>------------ Flowers
an hour ago
Your weight loss is impressive indeed! Congratulations!
an hour ago
My condolences to you, along with congratulations that you veered away from falling into a bad meal. That's p ...
by Diea
3 hours ago
Perfect challenge for me. I am on a 1200 calorie a day regimen. The only way I can possibly reach 1200 is to ...
3 hours ago
HCB -- it's fine when you're worrying about fat or dairy, but it's not exactly a low sugar option. So I am going ...
3 hours ago
Haha; I love the banana peppers. I'll admit I usually get the mayo, but I order "one thin line." Of course, the ...
3 hours ago
Yes! Sounds great!
3 hours ago
You are amazing, thank you for all your inspiring contributions and support. Please don't be gone for too long! ...
3 hours ago
Thanks for mentioning the Ninja I keep forgetting I have one will make a fruit blend w/some chia seeds too tom ...