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01 Jun 16 by Mz.Dolphin on diet, gaining 1.5 lb a week Up
31 May 16 by denni13 on diet Weight Watchers, steady weight Steady
31 May 16 by amberunrast on diet amberunrast's own diet, losing 24.5 lb a week Down
31 May 16 by NANAVANA on diet Calorie Count
31 May 16 by TheresAwill2serv on diet TheresAwill2serv's own diet, losing 2.2 lb a week Down
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2 minutes ago
YeeeeHaaaaaa Warren, you are back in the saddle again!!! Ride out my friend, great news!
3 minutes ago
OMG I WISH I was 22. No no, Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 42. That a FOUR. lol. I WISH it was a 2. And ...
5 minutes ago
Looks like last year you lost 30 lbs. and now you've caught it before gaining much back. That's the trick. I've ...
6 minutes ago
Loved the video... thanks for sharing!!
10 minutes ago
I think that happens in a lot of dr. offices that the scales just weigh heavier.
17 minutes ago
Welcome back. I just returned, too, a few days ago. Same situation.
27 minutes ago
Yep. Just another obstacle to conquer along the way.
33 minutes ago
I agree. I think it's hard to do.
42 minutes ago
Hurray for Warren news!!!!! Yes. Thank you ImLaura :-)
43 minutes ago
It's not as accurate if you weigh yourself after eating or drinking