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29 Jul 14 by Sadiekitty on diet Sadiekitty's own diet, steady weight Steady
29 Jul 14 by Freeathleteburns on diet Freeathleteburns's own diet, losing 0.9 lb a week Down
29 Jul 14 by RoseofWA on diet My Calorie Counting Diet, gaining 0.0 lb a week Up
29 Jul 14 by buckwheaton on diet buckwheaton's own diet, gaining 3.1 lb a week Up
29 Jul 14 by MEHand on diet Curves Diet
29 Jul 14 by MEHand on diet Curves Diet
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a minute ago
I feel the same frustration at times about how quickly I can put the pounds on and how painfully slow it can be ...
a minute ago
Great job!
7 minutes ago
I have to replace my exercise shoes twice a year because they are great for a few months then start to hurt my ...
9 minutes ago
I like sweating when i work out. I love the fact that my body is doing its job cooling off and showing me that ...
11 minutes ago
Angel, we have come a long way! Even though I really overate sugar on Sat, in the past it would have gone into ...
by Ruhu
18 minutes ago
there are never enough book shelves.
23 minutes ago
Sending you a PM w/link & instructions.
26 minutes ago
It really takes discipline so congrats on getting back on track. Keep it up!
41 minutes ago
I, too, have dropped the Evil C's and the wine, and have started running again. Although I have a function to ...
about an hour ago
Stop obsessing about small weight changes. That's just "water weight". Your body stores glycogen as a quick energy ...