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19 Sep 14 by iulani on diet low calorie diet, steady weight Steady
09 Sep 14 by spaceblatt on diet low calorie diet, losing 4.7 lb a week Down
06 Sep 14 by spaceblatt on diet low calorie diet, gaining 0.1 lb a week Up
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7 minutes ago
You can do it!!! Don't ever give up, and even if you have an off day, don't get discouraged! I have learned that ...
15 minutes ago
thank you all of you. I need to come out completely, as of today, I am starting the tip the windmill my way. ...
18 minutes ago
Great signs! Sometimes the scale just does not keep up to our activity.
25 minutes ago
You're welcome, you know I do what I can lol. Here's to making it one whole consecutive week ;)
an hour ago
So glad you are back. It is so hard to look after yourself when you are down. Good for you for forgiving yourself ...
an hour ago
That is a really great photo! Such a beautiful place your live!
by HCB
an hour ago
Congrats!!!! This huge!!!!!
an hour ago
You're absolutely right! Life can pass you by. I've been dodging going out with my friends for months now because ...
by PZ77
an hour ago
It IS ok to start at noon! It's just important to START! Good for you!!!
an hour ago
Whenever I see "New Low" the song by Middle Class Rut starts going through my head. You were stuck just above 200 ...