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19 Nov 13 by reddi550 on diet Prism
18 Nov 13 by reddi550 on diet Prism
25 Sep 13 by Snooky2 on diet Prism
19 Sep 13 by Amy Quinn on diet Prism, gaining 0.6 lb a week Up
20 Aug 13 by Onthegojo2 on diet Prism
14 Aug 13 by Amy Quinn on diet Prism
23 Jul 13 by TonyaMcGrew on diet Prism
27 May 13 by jwnsg2013 on diet Prism
06 May 13 by marhop27 on diet Prism
05 May 13 by Jude-o on diet Prism, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
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2 minutes ago
This is touching! What a wonderful companion you have. It isn't every day that you find someone willing to drop ...
4 minutes ago
Good for you on your weight loss! I hope weighing in monthly works well for you. Everyone is different, & what ...
13 minutes ago
You certainly hit that nail on the head lol. My youngest, who has the most disabling case of AD, can use the c ...
20 minutes ago
I'm going to try the water in a wine glass with my breakfast, hee. I'm not a fan of alcohol but just the idea of ...
by 7up
43 minutes ago
Lol Alphamares! All I gotta say is glute bridges are awesome. Highly recommend ;)