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24 Nov 13 by reddi550 on diet Prism
21 Nov 13 by reddi550 on diet Prism
19 Nov 13 by reddi550 on diet Prism
18 Nov 13 by reddi550 on diet Prism
25 Sep 13 by Snooky2 on diet Prism
19 Sep 13 by Amy Quinn on diet Prism, gaining 0.6 lb a week Up
20 Aug 13 by Onthegojo2 on diet Prism
14 Aug 13 by Amy Quinn on diet Prism
23 Jul 13 by TonyaMcGrew on diet Prism
27 May 13 by jwnsg2013 on diet Prism
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2 minutes ago
Hunter you have done so much, time for family and yourself now. Have a wonderful day :-)
7 minutes ago
Carmen/Suzy, you are very brighten all our days, and you are determined to solve this fitness, h ...
9 minutes ago
Lost 8 pounds so far , but I ate garbage today uuuugghh !!! Will do better tomorrow.
12 minutes ago
68 hours! I hope you get overtime pay for that. Enjoy your days off next week!
14 minutes ago
bonnie, i have a lot to go as well. i am just hoping i can get to 200 by September
21 minutes ago
Steven, he suddenly left and has not been back. Many here have missed him including myself. I thought he worked ...
31 minutes ago
NM - sure, that is a huge difference and I agree!
34 minutes ago
Ha! Thank you rckc I have a few of them.. Call me old fashion
37 minutes ago
Good work
43 minutes ago
Oh, no. It's not about not remembering. It's about not dwelling in the past or sweating over the future. That's ...