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24 Nov 13 by reddi550 on diet Prism
21 Nov 13 by reddi550 on diet Prism
19 Nov 13 by reddi550 on diet Prism
18 Nov 13 by reddi550 on diet Prism
25 Sep 13 by Snooky2 on diet Prism
19 Sep 13 by Amy Quinn on diet Prism, gaining 0.6 lb a week Up
20 Aug 13 by Onthegojo2 on diet Prism
14 Aug 13 by Amy Quinn on diet Prism
23 Jul 13 by TonyaMcGrew on diet Prism
27 May 13 by jwnsg2013 on diet Prism
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Recent Comments

a minute ago
Great job there, Pokey! We know you can do this! Best of luck with the diet!
a minute ago
I am really sorry Debra. :-(
2 minutes ago
I don't mind fried food if its fried in coconut oil or olive oil. Other than that I LOVE Celery with salted Cream ...
3 minutes ago
awwww Suzy, it's blocked for our country on copyright grounds :(
6 minutes ago
@HCB That sounds delicious! I'll have to try it :)
9 minutes ago
Thank you, my husband & I love dancing. Don't do it as much; have to get back into it.
12 minutes ago
How awesome!
26 minutes ago
I have a fondness for opera, too. Can't check all this out at the moment, but I will get back to it.
28 minutes ago
Woo who. Have fun :-)
29 minutes ago
It's amazing that everytime bacon is mentioned on a post,it creates a piggy feeding frenzy!! Are we passionate ...