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31 Jan 11 by Jerre on diet Limit portions, lose weight - Low Calorie Diet, losing 0.5 lb a week Down
26 Jan 11 by nikki72 on diet Limit portions, lose weight - Low Calorie Diet, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
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4 minutes ago
Congrats on entering the Two TEENS!!!! Keep on Keeping on Buddy...We are ALL so proud of you!!!! Have a blessed ...
33 minutes ago
I actually took the advice that someone on here gave me. While on vacation we went to IHOP. I ordered an omelet ...
about an hour ago
One thing that I have been doing is trying to fill up on water before the meal comes 'round. For example, at a ...
about an hour ago
Hotagain, doing the journal has been good for me. Treat it as yours, I keep mine open for others, say what I want ...
an hour ago
Yes HCB beening a nurse has its benefits :) I used to be a horrible patient because as a nurse you never take the ...
an hour ago
Feels good to be eating my regular familiar foods. Last week was fun, but I've had my break. Picking raspberries. ...
an hour ago
STT58 thank you for being my 1st Buddy you are the best!
an hour ago
The great thing though SSTT58 is that you already know what it takes to be successful here. You have both the ...
an hour ago
Love it!
2 hours ago
Good for you.
by HCB