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03 Jan 11 by leahlovely on diet Limit portions, lose weight - Low Calorie Diet, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
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28 minutes ago
Oh my .... you really are getting a workout. I gyess this will take the place of your structured workout.
30 minutes ago
Interesting... I will have to give it a try. Who doesn't love chocolate?
30 minutes ago
I know how you feel , My husband too has diabetes and he is just now after a year of cutting out all the bad s ...
36 minutes ago
Do some research on FODMAP. If it comes and goes with pain and vomiting and your tests for organ conditions come ...
about an hour ago
It may not be to your taste, but one thing I will use as a replacement for soda is to get some carbonated water ...
about an hour ago
Thanks for the support. Was hoping to get a bit more done after work today, didn't happen; overtime, could have ...
an hour ago
Hello Cindy.. my name is Cindy also and welcome to this site you will truly love it here so many wonderful sup ...
an hour ago
It's very, very basic. xD I just wanted a quick and easy munch. It's just chips and curry sauce. I got the curry ...
an hour ago
I am so excited for you to come over to "the dark side" of low carb eating. You will do it!
by HCB
an hour ago
Yeah. He's my little protector. He curled up on my side and didn't move, that I know of. When I'd stir and groan ...