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20 Apr 14 by williestylez on diet Low Carb High Protein (MD Diet), losing 6.0 lb a week Down
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21 minutes ago
And after losing the weight I'm just eating clean and excersizing!
34 minutes ago
Feel better soon!
39 minutes ago
Ruhu hope your day is good. Front yard is mowed after dinner back out to do at least part of the back. Rain t ...
about an hour ago
Thanks, Sherrie! I plan to keep it up :)
an hour ago
Well adding or correcting the database is a good thing as it helps many. Thanks :)
an hour ago
That's the thing. Summer is just around the corner and mmmmm beer..... :(
an hour ago
That's a pretty general statement and it doesn't take into consideration diet, exercise, or any other factors. ...
an hour ago
Awww your doing great!
an hour ago
I hate keeping a log, lol. I have high protein snacks too. Had a couple of boiled eggs today and a protein shake. ...
an hour ago
Exercise is the easiest part I think. Only cause my bf and I go every morning before he goes to work. From 1 til ...