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24 Aug 16 by ahhaterry on diet Low Carb High Protein (MD Diet), losing 3.8 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
Good job! Happy times to come...the irritability will go away...
17 minutes ago
Great job!!
18 minutes ago
I though she might be saying keto flu but some times there are language efforts and human typos and crappy spell ...
24 minutes ago
Wow! What a difference!
26 minutes ago
2 lbs is great. Keep it up!
43 minutes ago
@daisy, I'm thinking keto flu.....
by Rckc
about an hour ago
Exercise helps, but diet is the big thing. I lost 45 before I ever took a single step. You can do this!
about an hour ago
Lol Gwen. You're welcome. It takes daily renewal doesn't it?!
an hour ago
2 pounds in a week is great, good job LovelyZ!