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a minute ago
So sorry to hear this, I said it once and I will say it again, I do not like those dogs, to many children have ...
2 minutes ago
That is awful. I pray for a quick recovery for your daughter. I can tell you the best thing for her to help her ...
8 minutes ago
Glad to hear you eyesight is still improving.
15 minutes ago
16 minutes ago
That sucks.... dipshit is a dipshit. Glad your daughter is ok. Poor thing.
19 minutes ago
Good luck Mary! I know you'll do great ☺My smoothies are usually a blue/brown color, no worries. It's a green ...
22 minutes ago
I hope she recovers quickly physically and emotionally xxx
23 minutes ago
ROTHLMAO... Exactly how I feel only I don't have a door.
23 minutes ago
aT LEAST UR DREAMS PUT U AT THE oSCARS---red carpet--gorgeous people---star studded apre parties. and yummm jen ...
24 minutes ago
Congratulations! I am so happy I saw you get to your goal weight!