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a minute ago
WOW Amazing you are a beast running and a very beautiful woman just keep up what your doing and the world is yours
4 minutes ago
Fantastic you have gone below that awful 180
4 minutes ago
Nice, well done
5 minutes ago
Wow nice!!! Incredible transformation. You should be proud. And I can tell from the background where you raced ...
7 minutes ago
12 minutes ago
The same thing happens to me, I hate the dressing rooms , Bright lights, big mirrors, no good :/
12 minutes ago
Great job, congratulations!
13 minutes ago
You all are so supportive - I love it. I don't feel so all alone on this journey. I appreciate the comments... ...
15 minutes ago
mmmm....moose meat. My stomach just growled at me.
19 minutes ago
Way to go on your weight loss! :D