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a minute ago
@ KTMM three pics my buddy. Thank you very much. You are all so sweet. Thank you.
8 minutes ago
Woooohoooo hot mama! WTG Suzy! To hell with aging gracefully, fight it tooth and freakin nail!
9 minutes ago
Welcome to FS. I hope you will join us and share our journey. Good luck and God bless. 🕊
12 minutes ago
Thanks :) @wannabhealthier
15 minutes ago
Onederland, here you come!
20 minutes ago
Ya I just have to not be a baby lol. you have a good one too :D
35 minutes ago
Haha, just realized. Day 1-5 has less calories than either of day 6 or 7. Wow!
35 minutes ago
Panigale, Windham isn't far from here. Across the river
37 minutes ago
I cant wait to see it. If you have a photo up I cant see it till I get home. Damn work computer.