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05 Dec 13 by Johanne on diet You: On a Diet, gaining 1.8 lb a week Up
14 Nov 13 by Johanne on diet You: On a Diet, steady weight Steady
06 Nov 13 by mbreck on diet You: On a Diet
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a minute ago
It does definitely burn more calories heheh. The more it costs or the longer it is, that's definitely going to ...
15 minutes ago
Normally I ask my north-of-the-Mason-Dixon line friends to tell me what that snow stuff is that they reference. ...
17 minutes ago
Happy Birthday and Blessed Easter!
17 minutes ago
Great job with the loss! But... don't let other people dictate how you feel about yourself! Nobody IRL said an ...
27 minutes ago
Dear Blond Puppy - congratulations on sending out the juju to get yourself adopted by the right woman. The Un ...
42 minutes ago
Thanks will definitely try the green iced tea!
an hour ago
Great job! I feel that way as well. I've never LOVED candy, but I eat it sometimes when it's around without even ...
an hour ago
How do we spell "refrigerator?" Y-U-M! Today was a day for yum (and probably more than a little noshing). So, ...
by LuC2
2 hours ago
Everything is soo pretty and you look amazing!
2 hours ago
Oh great, thanks. :)