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6 minutes ago
Ok, coast is clear. They left this morning. It is like they are taking over the house. Little girl only 1 yr 1/2 ...
17 minutes ago
Best of luck (not that you'll need it). Ace those exams and diet next week.
17 minutes ago
Balance .... Balance .... Balance .... Thank you for feeding your soul .... When that tank gets empty, nothing ...
by glen
21 minutes ago
I have just started my first week. Never been even in a 5k. The free app I got will let you play music in the back ...
30 minutes ago
I agree Ann444, without God I am nothing and will never be anything....He is my rock as well as my salvation.
about an hour ago
How do you keep your carbs so low??? I need some pointers on this....thanks
about an hour ago
Great job! Keep at it!
about an hour ago
Great work Jon!