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4 minutes ago
Cakes are a definite tell, maybe you need to adjust the little adjusters on the bottom of the stove and use a ...
7 minutes ago
Have you seen the throwback Thursday site? Give it a look. Good for a smile.
38 minutes ago
Or perhaps the chips and salsa weren't a good idea. Remember it isn't about how many calories but the type of ...
45 minutes ago
You did good. Not eating the unhealthy food was a huge accomplishment!
about an hour ago
Hello! Good to hear you have support on your team helping you along. Your weather sounds amazing...we are getting ...
about an hour ago
Happy Birthday , and just remember being that it is your birthday treat yourself within reason.... and tomorrow ...
an hour ago
Thx was decades ago.
an hour ago
wow great loss, I seem to lose very slowly,one pound or a hair more, but lose everyweek.
an hour ago
HIIT is the ONLY way to go!!!
an hour ago
Thanks for the encouragement. I just try to put in my general work day and my evening exercise. I'm hoping to ...