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2 minutes ago
@Sugar Waffle - You're welcome! @Trackin64 - You are definitely on point with the power of the mind from a me ...
4 minutes ago
1000 gr carb, seems like it would be hard to do without eating junk or processed foods like lots of fruit juice ...
9 minutes ago
This is like starvation for days and then all the carbs you can eat. By the way, I calculated the carbs wrong. ...
10 minutes ago
Thank you :)
11 minutes ago
Ack Jimmie. lol. Good job on your 20 years smoke free buddy. I wish I'd have quit a long time ago but that's ok ...
14 minutes ago
ooops!I like the term iconoclastic for our body! But you do like carbs. Why are you scared?
16 minutes ago
Add avocado and nuts and seeds to the salad. The avocado will fill you with the healthy fats and fiber...unless ...
by HCB
18 minutes ago
Hear! Hear!
22 minutes ago
Two thumbs up!