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26 Apr 16 by owlfeathers on diet Atkins
21 Apr 16 by owlfeathers on diet Atkins, steady weight Steady
02 Apr 16 by FloridaAngel on diet Atkins, losing 0.6 lb a week Down
31 Mar 16 by GETMOODY on diet Atkins, gaining 0.6 lb a week Up
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3 minutes ago
3 Kg in 15 hours? It must be a record. Have a nice Monday :-)
15 minutes ago
18 minutes ago
Thanks .... I will give it a try!
by glen
27 minutes ago
my sister must have been speeding the whole way (14 hour trip and it only took her 15 with stops)! they made very ...
36 minutes ago
Glen, I use zucchini,bell pepper preferably a red or orange one, mushrooms and red onion. Add some garlic (just ...
42 minutes ago
Thank you, Frosty. I needed that...
45 minutes ago
BTW Mom, the pickled eggs were excellent! It will make a great snack for my coming in from work and cooking dinner ...
about an hour ago
lost my post so i will do again....said before that you are just rocking and a big congratulations on your 3lbs.
an hour ago
I feel for you HM with the additional struggle of IBS. Thinking maybe my experience is between my ears and part ...
an hour ago
Great job Jessberry! You earned it with all that hard work! My husband too is naturally thin, but he's like "all ...