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17 Apr 14 by owlfeathers on diet Atkins, losing 0.9 lb a week Down
16 Apr 14 by owlfeathers on diet Atkins
15 Apr 14 by owlfeathers on diet Atkins
14 Apr 14 by mleven on diet Atkins
12 Apr 14 by corrections on diet Atkins
09 Apr 14 by owlfeathers on diet Atkins, steady weight Steady
07 Apr 14 by GlennM on diet Atkins
04 Apr 14 by euqinom99 on diet Atkins
03 Apr 14 by Pbie on diet Atkins
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17 minutes ago
I actually did okay on Sunday - it was Saturday that I blew it out with the candy, etc. It was a rainy day, c ...
29 minutes ago
Mrsmole, your new pet sounds wonderful to me. Be sure you use the same command to do business every time. You ...
an hour ago
A good rule of thumb is to not miss more than three-days. However, if you need to because you HULKED out in the ...
an hour ago
Okay, thanks for sharing!! Deborah
an hour ago
me too! so scared to weigh myself
2 hours ago
Thank you, Pam. I'll make sure she hears it! :)
2 hours ago
Love it... Love your daughters logo... Says it all.
2 hours ago
@charles, wow!! 12lbs on a daily basis!?! I believe you and the news per se it's quite shocking.
3 hours ago
They are very high in fiber and other health benefits; you can get them ground too. I have some that are mixed ...
3 hours ago
That's great! What diet are you following?