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27 May 15 by MightyFull on diet Calorie Count, gaining 3.6 lb a week Up
27 May 15 by Elzatie on diet Calorie Count, gaining 0.1 lb a week Up
26 May 15 by wholefoodnut on diet Calorie Count
26 May 15 by me too 456 on diet Calorie Count
26 May 15 by sharingthejourney on diet Calorie Count, losing 1.8 lb a week Down
25 May 15 by Connie Lu on diet Calorie Count
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a minute ago
Hey Meremark... I see you are right with me around the 200 lb mark, and your target is 175... mine is 180. Wanna ...
2 minutes ago
Hugs to you! Treat yourself with kindness and learn to enjoy this life in honor of the Lord who has guided and ...
13 minutes ago
Gosh .. I can relate! Hang in there buddy!
17 minutes ago
Blessings to you! I can't imagine the sorrow you are experiencing. But, awesome to know he is with the Lord! and ...
26 minutes ago
I suppose chips would have been a LOT worse! Thanks for helping me feel better about it. I bought the bag thinking ...
28 minutes ago
37 minutes ago
Oh, I see. I used to be a vegetarian before trying Atkins. I do have a garden though and grow vegetables so in ...
40 minutes ago
ok, friends, today may be the 1st day back. Finally. Thank you all for talking to me. I will enter my weight ( ...
40 minutes ago
It always amazes me how people who know you are working on eating healthier always seems to bring sabotage items. ...