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23 Oct 14 by madjak30 on diet Calorie Count, losing 1.9 lb a week Down
23 Oct 14 by 101redballoons on diet Calorie Count, losing 2.6 lb a week Down
22 Oct 14 by MightyFull on diet Calorie Count
22 Oct 14 by TAIC69 on diet Calorie Count, gaining 1.9 lb a week Up
22 Oct 14 by Llafazane on diet Calorie Count, losing 1.0 lb a week Down
22 Oct 14 by Lo_Mac on diet Calorie Count
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a minute ago
Thanks everyone for your support. I believe I think about food as much now as I ever did, at least it's in he ...
2 minutes ago
what a great drop!
13 minutes ago
It's only the First time (in a long time) that you do an exercise that you get that more extreme soreness the next ...
29 minutes ago
The more you do them, the more your body will adapt, eventually they wont make you sore at all. :)
31 minutes ago
THANK YOU so much, everyone! We are beyond ecstatic!! And I'm glad you like the ring, I'm almost as in love with ...
33 minutes ago
Same here,thought I would just try and see if I could at least get them up. To my surprise up and zipped,feels ...
40 minutes ago
44 minutes ago
Glad you're feeling better! :) Your dinner sounded yummy!
45 minutes ago
Congrats! :)
about an hour ago
Don't omit the cinnamon and red pepper because that is what really made it! You're right though -- I have a mini ...