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05 May 16 by XshapeshiftX on diet Calorie Count
05 May 16 by 101redballoons on diet Calorie Count, gaining 0.4 lb a week Up
04 May 16 by misspollyhadadolly on diet Calorie Count, gaining 0.8 lb a week Up
03 May 16 by Sarah Bru on diet Calorie Count, losing 1.4 lb a week Down
02 May 16 by 14toGo on diet Calorie Count, steady weight Steady
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a minute ago
Yes Steven! I've had poke, pretty good with the kaiso seaweed (not sure the American name of the bright green ...
a minute ago
Thanks, Misty. Feeling quite good. Missed a few hours of work. Otherwise it was fairly minor - compared to what ...
3 minutes ago
Hi Jimmie, I don't understand your routine, but it certainly seems to work well for you. Cheers, Diabloman
3 minutes ago
Dang sorry to hear that. Hope u r feeling better.
4 minutes ago
Anyone who loves sushi, sashimi and maki are alright in my books!! Anyone here try "poke? ....., it's pretty ...
9 minutes ago
Yep, sounds like marketing to me! It is always interesting to figure by reading labels how all these products are ...
25 minutes ago
Hello LunaBar I'm gonna have my doctor go through my blood work with me on Monday. I did get my blood drawn today. ...
41 minutes ago
Ok - if you can get fatty tuna sashimi and / or live scallops, I will send the ice box... :) cannot get enough ...
an hour ago
I like food, and that sounds delicious. The wife has been wanting to drag me for sushi for months, but I've stayed ...
an hour ago
Yes - Real picture I have lost 125 already - and continuing my journey - I can stand in one leg of my old pants ...