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11 Sep 11 by goddessness on diet The Hacker's Diet, losing 2.9 lb a week Down
04 Sep 11 by goddessness on diet The Hacker's Diet, losing 0.4 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
I definitely understand food cravings! Right now my favorite dessert food combination is unsweetened applesauce ...
2 minutes ago
Syndi, well, I'm a nerd/geek, gamer, comic book lover (Favorites are Fathom, Witchblade, and Tao), and I decided ...
4 minutes ago
Hey WFN: I posted some on the bottom of my profile page. I confess, I don't know how to post pictures but you ...
7 minutes ago
Tuna! Yes! I completely forgot about tuna! Thank you for your advice, I will not take it lightly!!
13 minutes ago
Very true....we have tried to throw it into our recycling a couple times by accident and our garbage peeps always ...
18 minutes ago
Happy Birthday! Enjoy it!
26 minutes ago
Happy Birthday!
32 minutes ago
Happy Birthday!!
34 minutes ago
Thanks, guys your support really is great. The hubby is home so I've got the car for the afternoon. I was gonna ...
40 minutes ago
Congrats on the Birthday!!!