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11 Sep 11 by goddessness on diet The Hacker's Diet, losing 2.9 lb a week Down
04 Sep 11 by goddessness on diet The Hacker's Diet, losing 0.4 lb a week Down
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10 minutes ago
Love your attitude and foresight for 2015. You are in visioning your goals and it will make it easier for you to ...
about an hour ago
It's okay. Just keep on.
an hour ago
Great self control!!!
2 hours ago
It's been tough. They're eating the stuff in front of me and are always asking me if I want any. I tell them I ...
2 hours ago
Good luck. I am sure you will get back to 270lbs in not time once you get back on track. I think it is good to ...
3 hours ago
Thanks guys! Enjoy your Holidays...
3 hours ago
Smiles, about your son. Incredible no sugar through Christmas!!! I was bad had some Carmel fudge today, oh my, ...
4 hours ago
I totally get it with feeling good sore. I was excited this week because I hiked up a mountain and didn't get ...
5 hours ago
Yikes! Hope you feel better soon!
5 hours ago
A belated Merry Christmas to you as well; and yes, mine was awesome. A .2 pound gain, at Christmas time, sure ...