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81 to 90 of 100
18 Sep 11 by goddessness on diet The Hacker's Diet, gaining 1.5 lb a week Up
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21 minutes ago
Does that thing pick up Dish Network?
28 minutes ago
My week has been insane also and it's only Tuesday! Luckily things have been fixable so far. Maybe it's the ...
35 minutes ago
Great job!
by HCB
45 minutes ago
Lol yessss that's funny stuff right there
an hour ago
BikerT -- message me after Thanksgiving and I'll tell you how everyone likes the soup. If you want to try it in ...
an hour ago
Hermoines, how was the soup? Must have the recipe if it's good!
an hour ago
You're rockin' it!
an hour ago
ummm.... Philmack, I sure miss grandma's cookin. Good luck! :)
an hour ago
I'm putting my turkey in the oven in about thirty minutes, I'm cooking it slow and low overnight, the way my g ...
2 hours ago
it's because of his site (Know the Cause), I learned about bulletproof coffee