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2 minutes ago
Time flies when you're having fun. How many days until the fair? Go to for some great zucchini ...
2 minutes ago
realization is the first step to self-improvement
10 minutes ago
13 minutes ago
20 minutes ago
Size 8 works. Just like I was shocked at being a 34 and now I think it is more like 33 so maybe in a couple of ...
29 minutes ago
Great job!
29 minutes ago
Oh. My. You and your poor pup. It sounds like you handled it well. Had I been there, I would have been ...
30 minutes ago
wholefoodnut, it's when a satellite uses the gravity of the object it's orbiting, typically the sun, to give it ...
38 minutes ago
Just got to say I love your attitude. Out with the bad/negative stuff, keep the good. It's a great way to ap ...
41 minutes ago
Yep, you are stuck with a lot of us. No worries. Getting back to normal will take time but it will happen. Hang ...