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3 minutes ago
Good workout start to your day. I need to follow your example
9 minutes ago
Awwl, congrats! And thank you. (: He is definitely my best friend, and I'm really excited to spend the rest of ...
10 minutes ago
halo salam kenal.. terimakasih.:-D
21 minutes ago
Yes indeed, you have definitely got to shop smart in BJ's and Costco. I think a few of us shoppers had that same ...
36 minutes ago
Bet those people at the Nursing Home had a great time with you and your band! Sounds awesome! Heart warming.
about an hour ago
OMG, I would ask to be induced! Hang in there girl...little man 2 will be coming soon. Good luck! I hope FS ...
an hour ago
Broke the tailgate opening handle by pulling on it? :( Now I have a bunch of stuff on the ground and can't move ...
an hour ago
You are busy and your right on the meds dont like them either but sometimes we have to stop and take care of o ...
an hour ago
I don't usually read any posts and don't know why I read yours, but I'm very glad I did because I rarely "bump" ...
an hour ago
Thanks for the free kindle heads-up! I picked-up the slow-cooker one the other day and will probably go get this ...