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02 Oct 11 by goddessness on diet The Hacker's Diet, gaining 1.5 lb a week Up
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8 minutes ago
I agree completely, Fred!
14 minutes ago
Sorry about your friend not being as supportive as they should of been. It's semi-obvious to me that your WOE was ...
18 minutes ago
You are doing great! Don't let naysayers discourage you.
43 minutes ago
Wow! You GO Joe!
an hour ago
Well it isn't as bad as people think. I'll sleep through 8 of it. But the high fat diet kills hunger. The harder ...
an hour ago
Great news re your husband HCB...Happy Birthday and have a super weekend!
an hour ago
I have torn muscle on my left shoulder but the surgeon wants me to lower my A1C below 7! In Feb. 2016 it was 9.4 ...
2 hours ago
Yes I'm going to up my vegetables as they come in season. I bought a squash plant because I didn't think my seeds ...
2 hours ago
But you do need some sodium. I eat almost no processed foods. Almost 2 years ago my doc knew I'd stop back in ...
2 hours ago
No brainer! Haha. (Sorry)