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09 Oct 11 by goddessness on diet The Hacker's Diet, losing 3.3 lb a week Down
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a minute ago
I agree with Serengetti :) 2 cups is a pound. you are doing great! Diligent, focussed, you got this!
a minute ago
Thanks yewww HCB, Rockies fan, and Warren 😁
a minute ago
Thanks Pandasmom, Yes me and Buddy to drink alot. I also make sure Buddy gets his water drinks. :) Yes HCB I ...
2 minutes ago
Good question, but I hurt it about 8 months ago running, and it is getting better now. Thanks for the prayers.
2 minutes ago
@ trackin64 thank you so much my buddy. I am so glad. I keep trying (lol). Have a wonderful day :-)
4 minutes ago
I hope so. I am just a little frustrated. The evil part of me is thinking that I should have just eaten whatever ...
8 minutes ago
I just wonder WHY it's a problem? I am used to an effortless BM every morning after my first cup of coffee. I ...
9 minutes ago
Food porn mmmmmmmmmm make me feel like Homer Simpson. Good luck at the Doctor. What is going on with the knee? ...
10 minutes ago
I'm with you ..... We had the gang over yesterday ..... It was great .... But too much food ..... mixed well with ...
by glen