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09 Oct 11 by goddessness on diet The Hacker's Diet, losing 3.3 lb a week Down
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2 minutes ago
We've got several rows and beds of peppers growing including poblano, jalapeno, banana, piquin, California wonder ...
17 minutes ago
It rained?? You guys are so lucky! Thanks to you I've been watching ID channel after the kids go to sleep, every ...
18 minutes ago
Tried to get my parents to grow red/green peppers but they can't get them to grow.
19 minutes ago
nice to see you, JMA! i haven't seen you in a while. so sorry about your mom. i'm lucky to still have both of ...
27 minutes ago
Ewwwww. That last plate. Lol. Have fun Warren.
28 minutes ago
Thanks, Bill.
31 minutes ago
Right? I was thinking about that the other day. What did we do for work before the internet? Oh yea, used a ty ...
32 minutes ago
Thanks millerm40, jimmiepop, Mistybenner, Engeland, Mom2Boxers, trackin64, LadyinDenim, Draglist, Steven Lloyd, ...
39 minutes ago
Wow you've made so much progress! WHat a great milestone, congratulations :)