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09 Oct 11 by goddessness on diet The Hacker's Diet, losing 3.3 lb a week Down
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7 minutes ago
I understand Museseeker! As much as I love being with the boys, it does wreck havoc on my best intentions when ...
33 minutes ago
These snow days are killing me! Feeding my boys at home makes it hard not to graze from the fridge. Please let ...
36 minutes ago
Hey man my hats off to you, right now I just couldn't do that, I'm impressed---good job.
about an hour ago
Patients in the hospital "fast" all the time. Come in with pancreatitis or bowel obstruction and see how quickly ...
about an hour ago
Thanks HCB - appreciate the encouraging words
an hour ago
To be honest, the Garden of Life tasted like sweetened dirt...just like mud pies when you were a kid. But I'm 43 ...
by LuC2
an hour ago
@HCB around here where I live in the Emerald Triangle, it could be a number of things......
an hour ago
Ah, I relate. Digging wearing my old jeans that are nice and skinnyish; few months ago, I couldn't get them past ...
an hour ago
My final smile for the night. Thanks Helen.
an hour ago
Actually - losing slowly is better for you because it is likely to be more permanent. I have kept off 50 pounds ...
by HCB