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09 Oct 11 by goddessness on diet The Hacker's Diet, losing 3.3 lb a week Down
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20 minutes ago
Hi Analisa, Are you doing induction? I have looked at some of ur meals past few days and I don't see ur eating ...
about an hour ago
Probably should be more, depending on your weight. No exact consensus except going by urine color, and that is ...
an hour ago
That's exactly what happened to me-I was stuck for a couple of months. But I below to trying to keep my carbs ...
an hour ago
Lots of nutrients, amino acids, trace elements, not in huge amounts but added to a healthy diet.
an hour ago
Thanks, Breco. I credit a lot of it to being a mass transit commuter. I walk about a mile each way to and from ...
an hour ago
in the case of 10K steps - yeah, arbitrary - but what's not measured cannot be improved. they say in a normal ...
2 hours ago
Prayer works wonders!
2 hours ago
Big Hugs back at ya Kattay <3 praying your well to <3
2 hours ago
Praying for you, your son, and daughter-in-law.
2 hours ago
Thank you all for helping me through this. You had made me cry (good tears). I know slow and steady wins the ...