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18 Oct 11 by SLMW on diet The Hacker's Diet
16 Oct 11 by goddessness on diet The Hacker's Diet, gaining 1.8 lb a week Up
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a minute ago
Oh yeah! Love it! Read recently that the challenge of being on a diet is the constant decisions that have to be ...
8 minutes ago
Thank you - I read about gland failure in another buddies journal.. trying to consider the possibility of finding ...
9 minutes ago
Get 'er done!
13 minutes ago
@Pegleged - net carbs is already a feature here. What MrsMole is saying is that some of the existing entries are ...
20 minutes ago
We tend to see the negative I look in the mirror and go oh. My daughter today was like mom you lost more weight. ...
21 minutes ago
wholefoodnut - I love mall walking when it is hot (or other bad weather). And I hardly buy much. Have a nice ...
36 minutes ago
txs we can do it
38 minutes ago
Fantastic job! I like your "spirit." Yes, let's get this done!
about an hour ago
Good day to be born. LOL...
about an hour ago
Fat cells can empty as you use fat for fuel, but they are still there, just empty. The only way they go away is ...