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22 Oct 11 by grolnatz on diet The Hacker's Diet
22 Oct 11 by goddessness on diet The Hacker's Diet, steady weight Steady
18 Oct 11 by SLMW on diet The Hacker's Diet
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4 minutes ago
LG654, I agree with the Ole Marine don't let your knee keep you down there are many of thing you can do with a ...
9 minutes ago
That was very supportive - how nice!
16 minutes ago
LOL you know I knew beforehand I was going to blow it and just accepted it as fact as nobody in my family brings ...
18 minutes ago
HAHAHA I had the same things yesterday and I am not giving up ...It was a fun cheat day! But now back to it!
21 minutes ago
Having that support is going to be very valuable. Your sister and you will do it together!
22 minutes ago
Hehe, yeah! I love it. :D Mmmm... Maybe I should eat oatmeal too! :) Do you eat if for breakfast?
23 minutes ago
I understand even though I didn't go out a visit family. Cooking and tasting everything to make sure it is se ...
24 minutes ago
Yes, coffee and tea wouldn't inhibit weight loss unless you are going to Starbucks and drinking the high caloric ...
37 minutes ago
Hope you have a great holiday! I agree with Yolanda. :-) I don't celebrate Easter, but Rabbit Bunny Day, A c ...
about an hour ago
yea right there with yea- too many yummy foods yesterday