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26 Mar 13 by kilna on diet The Hacker's Diet
21 Dec 12 by kilna on diet The Hacker's Diet
18 Dec 12 by kilna on diet The Hacker's Diet
09 Dec 12 by Kevinlyfellow on diet The Hacker's Diet, losing 1.8 lb a week Down
28 Nov 12 by kilna on diet The Hacker's Diet
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a minute ago
Um yeah, we are going to need you to follow directions (for safety purposes). :) Great going on getting it done ...
7 minutes ago
Out of sight. Out of mind. I will be right over to take that tempting food AWAY. you know? I did the same ...
8 minutes ago
Great! Keep it up!
8 minutes ago
me too....22 days.....
8 minutes ago
I can send you my 12yo triplet grandsons this weekend!!!
9 minutes ago
Good tip Brent and your right if you crave something denying yourself just makes it worst just have a little of ...
10 minutes ago
Your doing great Jim. Keep it up! Good to hear about your wife getting around better too. My mom had both of ...
10 minutes ago
I feel the same.
14 minutes ago
You have shown how to lose the weight and keep it off, congratulations!
20 minutes ago
Plan some deficits before your birthday and allow yourself to enjoy what your sweetie has planned for you. I used ...