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Which Diet?
81 to 90 of 100
17 Jun 13 by littlelady_bird on diet Slimming World, steady weight Steady
04 Jun 13 by valerieann on diet Slimming World, losing 0.1 lb a week Down
13 May 13 by pplan on diet Slimming World, losing 0.1 lb a week Down
10 May 13 by Ler185 on diet Slimming World
06 May 13 by Pjb1 on diet Slimming World, losing 0.8 lb a week Down
25 Apr 13 by plumpbabe on diet Slimming World, losing 0.2 lb a week Down
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7 minutes ago
Osaka is where my dh late mothers from. I would like to get him to go someday he's never met them. Safe travels ...
15 minutes ago
Soonsoon, Skin!!! Absolutely. I think the best thing I've done for my skin is drinking so much water.. it really ...
22 minutes ago
i thought i was going to get rest this wkend but i have to be at the local food pantry in the morning to start ...
22 minutes ago
Id really suggest you look at diet, 1400 -1600 calories a day of homemade food. It's working for me.
29 minutes ago
@Arabella - We're starting off in Nikko, moving south to Tokyo, then Osaka and Kyoto, back up to Hakone and ending ...
31 minutes ago
Too right, Roobert. :D
40 minutes ago
Just wanted to clarify that "never pay attention to anyone that says you've lost too much" -- unless you're Karen ...
about an hour ago
Safe Journey to you !
about an hour ago
Have fun in Japan. It's an amazing country. What city?