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09 Jul 13 by kay2906 on diet Slimming World, gaining 3.5 lb a week Up
05 Jul 13 by kay2906 on diet Slimming World, gaining 0.5 lb a week Up
22 Jun 13 by kay2906 on diet Slimming World, gaining 0.7 lb a week Up
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a minute ago
Today I opened my food log and started logging.. it feels good to KNOW what I'm eating and their values. YES my ...
5 minutes ago
Or get Chlorophyll and Mint, made by Swanson (500 chewable tablets) from the health food store. No sugar, fillers, ...
8 minutes ago
Your diligence is paying off!
14 minutes ago
Just wanted to confirm - the SweetLeaf drops I'm using report 0 carbs. I buy thru Vitacost but have seen them ...
19 minutes ago
its easy.
20 minutes ago
Thank you all. When the race started it was 92% humidity. I think I can take the heat, but the humidity just kills ...
26 minutes ago
um; you lost me at the first step; but if you say it's not complicated, I'll look into it! thank you Ce!
28 minutes ago
Thanks...a long ways to go.. and it is hard work! :-D but worth it!!
29 minutes ago
I do wish him well, though he is still a pita. We've had a love hate relationship over the years, so for husbands ...
35 minutes ago
It sounds like you have been wolfing down the breath mints subliminally as a way to get sugar. Are we talking like ...